Electronic system helps new dentists quickly join CIGNA network

Aug. 13, 2009
PPO dentists are first to use paperless system while HMO dentists can expect capability in fall 2009.

PHILADELPHIA, Pennsylvania--Saving dentist offices nationwide approximately a combined 26,000 hours a year versus unautomated systems, CIGNA's electronic system helps speed the way for first-time applicants to join the company's network of dentists.

Also called e-onboarding, the paperless credentialing system allows dentists to electronically sign their application and, using the Internet, securely send required documentation and information such as professional history, licensure, dental specialties and education.

Available now to PPO dentists, the new electronic credentialing system is scheduled for release to HMO dentists in fall 2009.

The electronic system saves in many areas. It reduces a typical four-hour process to a single sitting of 15 to 30 minutes. Also, the process to formally accept and add a dentist to the CIGNA network can now be completed in just 24 hours or less. This is down from the usual four business days.

Paperless systems also support CIGNA's corporate social responsibility green initiatives. This electronic system alone can save 750,000 pieces of paper per year. Earlier this year, Uptime Institute named CIGNA as one of the Global Green 100 for Corporate Leadership in Information Technology.

"In addition to being environmentally friendly, moving to a paperless system is part of our ongoing effort to make it easier to work with us and give dentists more time to focus on treating patients," said Julie Vayer, vice president for CIGNA's dental network and products.

"CIGNA also offers network and nonnetwork dentists and their office staff convenient access via the Internet to eligibility, benefits and claim/referral information through our secure website for health care professionals."

The secure site already offers additional time-and money-saving tools exclusive to CIGNA network HMO or PPO dentists. This includes free continuing education courses and discounts on products and services through CIGNA Network Rewards.

CIGNA's national PPO network of dentists has more than 60,000 unique dentists serving patients in more than 130,000 office locations. CIGNA also has one of the largest dental HMO networks in the country with 13,700 unique dentists in 43,500 office locations.

Individual customers can locate in-network dentists using the dentist directory on MyCIGNA or CIGNA.

Dentists can also contact CIGNA to request information for participation in the company's dental networks at 800.CIGNA24 (800) 244-6224.

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