HOYA ConBio announces educational alliance with LVI Global Australia

Aug. 31, 2009
Dental lasers to be featured in core curriculum in new Australian venture.

FREMONT, California--HOYA ConBio, a leader in dental and esthetic lasers, has announced an agreement with the Las Vegas Institute for Advanced Dental Studies Global to feature premium dental lasers at LVI Global's first branch in Brisbane, Australia.

Effective Nov. 1, 2009, this new partnership builds on HOYA ConBio's involvement at LVI Global's headquarters in Las Vegas.

"We are excited to expand our relationship with LVI Global as they increase their international footprint," said Timothy S. Gehlmann, president & CEO, HOYA ConBio.

In the past, the company selected LVI Global headquarters as the host site for the HOYA ConBio College for laser dentistry training. More recently, HOYA ConBio lasers have been featured in the core curriculum at LVI Global's main teaching facility.

"As a major comprehensive dental continuing education program in Australia, this venture validates the worldwide demand for advanced dental laser training," Gehlmann said.

According to Dr. Anne-Maree Cole, BDSc, LVIM, and director of LVI Global Australia, the program educates dentists within Australia, New Zealand, and Singapore who are interested in advancing their skills in this complex area of dentistry.

With approximately 10,000 practicing dentists in the geographic area--83% working in the private sector--LVI Global Australia addresses a growing market demand.

"Entry into Australia supports our corporate commitment of inspiring dentists around the globe to enhance their practices and quality of care with advanced education and hands-on training," said Dr. Cole

"Lasers play a critical role in our curriculum as essential tools for those who want to achieve superior clinical results. We are proud to have HOYA ConBio's lasers in our Australia facility, extending our relationship to new geographic boundaries."

HOYA ConBio's Versa Wave and DioDent Micro 980 lasers will be featured in most of the core curriculum of seven sequential programs on esthetics, adhesion, and neuromuscular dentistry.

The VersaWave erbium all-tissue laser enhances esthetic and restorative treatments compromised by discrepancies in how the teeth, bone, and soft tissue have erupted.

The majority of LVI dentists use the diode soft-tissue laser to ensure the gums that frame the smile enhance a finished, balanced, and esthetic result. The Diodent Micro 980 is a next-generation laser for this and many other clinical purposes.

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