ProDrive announces distribution agreement with Goetze Dental

Jan. 14, 2009
Goetze Dental is ProDrive's first distributor in the Midwest, serving more than 10,000 dental professionals.

MONTREAL, Canada--ProDrive Systems has announced an agreement to distribute its products through Goetze Dental.

Goetze Dental, a member of the American Dental Cooperative, is ProDrive's first distributor in the Midwest and serves more than 10,000 dental professionals.

"Goetze Dental is excited to be introducing the ground-breaking ProDrive products across the Midwest," said Don Brunker, president & CEO, Goetze Dental. "This new and innovative upgrade solution for handpieces will have an incredible impact on practice efficiency and overall quality of dentistry. Our work with ProDrive is evidence of our commitment to seek out leading technology solutions in dentistry for our customers."

Added Richard St. Pierre, COO, ProDrive Systems: "This is an exciting time for ProDrive. We consider this agreement with Goetze Dental a great achievement for the future of ProDrive Systems and we will continue to work towards distributing ProDrive through more members of the American Dental Cooperative. We're proud and honored to have earned the trust of the Goetze Dental team, an acknowledged market leader with decades of experience providing services and products to dentists in the Midwest."

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