IPS e.max CAD restorations through Sirona's CEREC Connect receive 2008 WOW! Award

Jan. 7, 2009
Journal of Dental Technology recognizes duo for delivering esthetic, full-contour crowns in less than one hour.

CHARLOTTE, North Carolina--Full-contour crowns fabricated through Sirona Dental Systems' CEREC Connect using IPS e.max CAD, a lithium disilicate material, has been named one of 2008's most innovative combinations for the dental laboratory industry by the Journal of Dental Technology.

Both share the honor as 2008 WOW! winners in the October issue of JDT for delivering highly esthetic, all-ceramic, full-contour crowns in under an hour.

For the fifth annual WOW! issue, the Journal of Dental Technology gathered an independent panel of laboratory technicians to help identify the 10 most groundbreaking products, services, and equipment available to dental technicians.

Determining factors for the 2008 list were based on products that exemplify quality and save time and money.

Some of the winning features highlighted in the publication were the time and money saved using CEREC Connect, as well as the quality of the digital impression using the intraoral CEREC camera.

The JDT panel of judges found that by using CEREC Connect, the quality of the restoration is improved. By using IPS e.max CAD through CEREC Connect, the result is a strong, beautiful restoration at 360 MPa.

Furthermore, a shorter turnaround time placed IPS e.max CAD through CEREC Connect on the winning list for its time-saving aspects. Using the intraoral CEREC camera, the dentist takes a fast, accurate, and predictable digital impression.

Following the digital impression, the dentist sends the digital case to an inLab laboratory of their choice, and the laboratory fabricates and finishes the restoration with the inLab or inLab MC XL milling unit and ships the completed restoration to the dentist.

In addition, because of the electronic transfer of information, time and money are saved by eliminating the time-consuming and expensive process of physically mailing the impression.

"The WOW! factor is that we can have a great-looking, all-ceramic, conventionally cemented crown completed in one hour through CEREC Connect," according to the WOW! nomination.

"IPS e.max CAD is just one of the many materials enhanced by using CEREC Connect," remarked Norbert Ulmer, director of Dental Laboratory Applications for Sirona Dental Systems.

"Sirona is extremely pleased that CEREC Connect has been featured by JDT and embraced by the laboratory industry. We have been honored for the last three years with WOW! awards and we hope to continue to WOW! the industry with innovative services and products that surpass all expectations."

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