IMTEC launches "My MDI story" Web site

Nov. 23, 2009
Professionals and patients share insights on the MDI implant system.

ARDMORE, Oklahoma--IMTEC has announced the launch of, a new web site featuring dentists and patients sharing stories of the positive impact MDI implants have made in their practices and lives.

On the site, dental professionals will find other dentists who are experienced in placing mini implants, and who explain the benefits of offering the service.

Additionally, patient testimonial videos illustrate the differences that MDI implants have made for patients. The site offers dentists and patients a resource for information to better understand the mini implant system and procedure.

As dentists on the site explain, MDI implants enable denture stabilization via a minimally invasive one-hour procedure. They are well-tolerated by patients, and can be used on patients who are not candidates for traditional implants. Additionally, the system's reasonable cost makes it affordable for dentists and patients.

"The new Web site makes it simple for patients to hear the benefits of the procedure, and also to locate a dentist who offers the service," said Tay Harvey, IMTEC global implant category manager. "Additionally, dental professionals will be able to hear from other dentists on the productivity gains that the MDI system can bring."

One dentist featured on the site, Dr. Ian Erwood of Unionville, Ontario, stated that he had "instant success" with the procedure in his practice.

"With the MDI protocol," he said, "we've been able to increase the revenue in our practice due to the atraumatic technique, the reduction in material costs, and the number of referrals we've gained."

The site offers dentists links to additional information on DVD, as well as the IMTEC MDI Web site and a schedule of MDI certification seminars.

For more information, call (800) 879-9799 or visit IMTEC.

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