ProDrive upgrades the Kavo Super Torques

Sept. 24, 2009
Upgraded Cut Performance, Smoother Cutting and Superior Handpiece Precision

Montreal--ProDrive Systems announces the expansion of upgrade turbine models designed to outperform friction grip and increase handpiece performance. ProDrive introduces the line of upgrade turbines designed for Kavo 630, 640, and 647/649 Super Torque handpieces.

Unlike traditional friction grip design, ProDrive's patented engaged turbine
and triangular bur system lock together for noticeably improved cut
performance, superior control and improved precision. The patented design
provides long-term durable and reliable performance, compared to friction
grip design, which degrade prematurely. ProDrive Turbines ship with a
comprehensive one-year warranty, including bearings.

"ProDrive is experiencing exponential growth since our January 2009 launch,"
notes Richard St-Pierre, ProDrive Systems President and CEO. "Kavo models
are currently our best sellers, as such we are excited to expand the Kavo
model line. Our customers are excited because ProDrive allows you to
continue using your preferred handpiece of choice, yet at a higher level of
handpiece performance."

ProDrive Systems are available through authorized dealers across the United
States and Canada. Contact ProDrive Systems or your local dealer to
experience the ProDrive difference.

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