ProDrive Systems launches nationwide handpiece test drive series

June 15, 2009
First event kicks off in Kansas City, Mo., June 23, 2009.

MONTREAL, Canada--ProDrive Systems has announced the launch of a North American coast-to-coast test drive event to demonstrate the performance of the ProDrive System.

In five-minutes, the ProDrive test drive will display fast cutting, control, and accuracy.

The first in a series of national test drive events will kick off June 23, 2009, in Kansas City, Mo.

ProDrive Systems has invested $25 million and five years in R&D and has partnered with leading names in dentistry such as Sirona, Meisinger, and SycoTec (R&D spin off of KaVo).

ProDrive test drive event features include:

* Five minutes to experience an upgrade to a handpiece

* Open House, drop in between 4 and 8 p.m.

* Experience a hands-on test drive, an interactive event.

* No fee to attend. Registration is free.

The ProDrive System officially launched in January 2009. ProDrive has developed an upgrade system designed to fit into existing handpieces.

This upgrade allows dentists to continue using their preferred handpiece yet with faster cutting, control, improved precision and durable performance during the life of the handpiece.

The initial ProDrive test drive will be co-hosted by Goetze Dental.

Location & Time

Goetze Dental Head Office
3939 N.E. 33 Terrace
Kansas City, MO 64117
(866) 835-1292

For more information, visit ProDrive Systems or call (866) 835-1292 to register. The event is free to attendees.

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