3M ESPE announces new indications for Protemp Crown Temporization Material

June 8, 2009
Preformed, malleable temporary crown available for implant abutments, digital impressions, and long-term temporization.

ST. PAUL, Minnesota-- 3M ESPE, a leader in temporization solutions, has announced new indications for its Protemp Crown Temporization Material.

Dentists can now utilize the preformed, malleable temporary crown in procedures for implant abutments and digital impressions, as well as for long-term temporization.

Dentists have come to rely on the material for creating single-unit temporary posterior crowns, and the new indications extend the list of procedures for which dentists can create strong and esthetic temporaries.

For the increasing number of dentists who have integrated the placement of implants into their treatment spectrum, temporizing with Protemp Crown offers an esthetic option for the interim treatment period. The crown can be used to offer patients a more natural-looking appearance after the healing and osseointegration of the implant has occurred, and before the final restoration is placed.

Additionally, dentists who use digital impression devices can now use Protemp Crown to model preexisting tooth structure and anatomy for use in digital imaging applications. The malleable, tooth-colored material requires no impression or matrix, and can be quickly trimmed and adapted to custom-fit
a crown preparation or implant abutment.

Finally, new clinical data shows that Protemp Crown performs well in the mouth for up to one year, verifying its usefulness for long-term temporization. A study evaluating the crown's performance found that margin quality, proximal contacts, surface roughness and occlusal wear remained acceptable after six months and one year.

"Over the past two years, many dentists have discovered the flexibility of using Protemp Crown for cuspid, bicuspid, and molar temporization," said Tim McGlynn, marketing manager, 3M ESPE. "These new indications bring the benefits of its preformed anatomical shape and precision fit to exciting
new clinical areas."

Protemp Crown is available in one universal shade and a variety of preformed sizes. After adapting the crown to its oral environment, dentists simply light cure, polish, and cement using standard temporary cements.

Additionally, Protemp Crown can be customized and/or repaired using a conventional flowable. This offers increased convenience and multiple treatment options.

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