Viewers experience Icon technology on episode of The Doctors

Dec. 1, 2009
Icon is a treatment for incipient caries and white spot lesions.

ENGLEWOOD, New Jersey--The Doctors, a nationally syndicated television show, included a live patient procedure performed by Dr. Thomas P. Connelly Oct. 30, 2009, in a segment on "Life-Changing Medical Innovations."

A 22-year-old patient, Allison, had white spot lesions on her anterior teeth that were a result of wearing braces, which she had been self-conscious about for eight years. She had tried whitening and remineralization therapies, but the discoloration caused by demineralization--common in people who have worn braces--persisted.

Allison had been told the only way to get rid of the white spots was to do bonding, but she was afraid that would not look natural and would chip over time. Dr. Connelly, a cosmetic dentist who practices in New York City, demonstrated how the Icon system from DMG America can be used to eliminate unattractive white spot lesions with no drilling, anesthetic, or loss of healthy tooth structure.

"We've got technology now [Icon, DMG America] that with no shot, no drilling, we can make the white spots go away," Dr. Connelly said on the show. "In the past, we would put composite fillings over it. We'd have to get the patient numb, drill it away, put the filling on. Or in real extensive cases, we're veneering over the entire tooth …. We can do it now with no drilling and no needles in about 20 minutes. Once this resin is applied, it's infiltrating into the enamel, and what you're left with is a hybrid tooth scaffolding with a resin incorporated in it."

Icon, a caries infiltrant that works by capillary action, is a new approach to treating white spot lesions, as well as incipient (or early) dental caries. Previously, dental professionals had only more-invasive options for treating anterior tooth discoloration that could not be eliminated by tooth whitening. This includes microabrasion, veneers, and bonding.

Caries infiltration is a major development in micro-invasive technology that fills, reinforces, and stabilizes demineralized dental enamel without drilling or sacrificing healthy tooth structure.

"Icon represents a new category of dental products," said Tim Haberstumpf, DMG America director of marketing. "Icon is a micro-invasive infiltration technology that can be used to treat smooth surface and proximal carious lesions. It is the first product that can be used in just one patient visit to arrest the progression of early enamel carious lesions and remove white spot lesions."

Icon, which can help prevent lesion progression and increase the life expectancy of treated teeth, provides an esthetic alternative to other restorative treatments for cariogenic white spot lesions. White spot lesions infiltrated by Icon take on the appearance of the surrounding healthy enamel.

"The Icon infiltration system is simple and user friendly," Haberstumpf said.

On the episode of The Doctors, the patient and show doctors, as well as the audience, witnessed how quickly and easily the procedure was completed.

"Oh, I love them!" Allison said after the procedure. "What a difference!"

"Wow … that's impressive," host Dr. Travis Stork said. "Drill-free, pain-free, great results."

Visit The Doctors to view the segment or order a transcript of the episode.

Icon became available in the U.S. in September 2009 in proximal and smooth surface kits.

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