VITA's tooth libraries to integrate into SensAble Dental Lab System

Dec. 1, 2009
Move by two companies expands dental labs' choice and flexibility to deliver a functional and esthetically pleasing restorations to dentists.

WOBURN, Massachusetts & BAD SACKINGEN, Germany & BREA, California--SensAble Technologies and VITA, a dental restoration leader for more than 80 years, have announced that SensAble has integrated VITA's PHYSIODENS and VITAPAN digital tooth libraries into the SensAble Dental Lab System.

SensAble's system is an integrated CAD/CAM solution to scan, design and fabricate a variety of dental restorations, including full-contour crowns and bridges, as well as metal and flexible partials.

These two digital libraries were created specifically for inclusion in SensAble's system by scanning VITA's hand-crafted denture teeth--known for their conformance to the look, shape and function of natural teeth. Dental lab technicians use the 3D models of the teeth as a starting-point for digitally designing a fitting restoration for a patient.

By offering VITA's tooth libraries in digital form within SensAble's system, the two companies expand dental labs' choice and flexibility to deliver a functional and esthetically pleasing restorations to dentists. The restorations are created with digital speed, precision, and efficiency.

Using the SensAble Dental Lab System, lab technicians can select a virtual tooth from the library, and then quickly adjust the size, morphology, and placement as needed. They can use the tooth libraries to design porcelain or full metal crowns and bridges.

Additionally, the VITA digital tooth libraries help speed the design of combination cases where the teeth on a removable partial need to match the patient's fixed restorations.

SensAble's CAD/CAM system allows technicians to hold a "Nintendo-Wii-like" haptic (force feedback) device instead of a computer mouse that enables them to literally "feel" the on-screen model as they apply, smooth and carve "digital wax."

The 3D virtual touch approach mimics the traditional method of hand modeling dental restorations, yet adds the consistency, precision and repeatability of a digital system.

"SensAble shares the same commitment to long-term innovation in the dental restoration business as VITA," said Bill Sundheimer, Vident president and COO. "We immediately saw how SensAble's use of 3D virtual touch in their dental lab system could help lab technicians rapidly transition to digital design because it allowed them to build on the artisanship and skills they'd already spent years perfecting. The more we learned about SensAble and the depth of its 3D modeling capabilities, the more we found it to be the ideal company to work with on our digital initiatives."

"VITA denture teeth have been synonymous with high-end excellence, providing the patient with both exceptional esthetics and function," said Bob Steingart, president of SensAble Dental Products. "By adding VITA's digital tooth libraries to the SensAble system, we provide more versatility, which enables labs to speed design by choosing the best 'virtual teeth' for the case at hand. We're proud that VITA chose SensAble as its digital partner and we look forward to our continued work together."

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