Oragenics launches Teddy's Pride oral care for dogs and cats

Oct. 14, 2009
Teddy's Pride introduces the science of probiotics for an effective way to naturally freshen pets' breath and whiten teeth.

ALACHUA, Florida--Florida-based biopharmaceutical company Oragenics has launched Teddy's Pride, an all-natural probiotics breath freshener and teeth whitener created for dogs and cats.

Daily use of Teddy's Pride Pet Oral Care can provide an effective way to naturally promote fresher breath and whiter teeth without having to brush a pet's teeth or investing in costly and potentially dangerous cleaning procedures that might require anesthesia at the veterinarian's office.

By sprinkling Teddy's Pride Pet Oral Care, which has no taste or odor, on a pet's food once each day helps ensure that the pet will have naturally fresher breath and cleaner, whiter teeth.

The key active ingredient in Teddy's Pride is ProBiora3, a science that was researched and developed by Oragenics to combat destructive bacteria, keep teeth white and freshen breath. By binding to the teeth, ProBiora3's beneficial bacteria leave no room or nutrients for the destructive bacteria to inhabit a healthy oral cavity.

The result is a direct reduction in the volatile sulfur compounds responsible for bad breath. As an additional core benefit of ProBiora3, Teddy's Pride delivers 24-hour teeth-whitening protection for pets.

"Oragenics introduces Teddy's Pride Pet Oral Care, a product we believe to be the best solution for naturally improving pets' breath," said Dr. Jeffrey Hillman, DMD, PhD, and chief scientific officer for Oragenics.

"Adding one scoop daily into your pets' food is a simple alternative to the many challenging brushing systems often recommended by vets. Teddy's Pride offers the science of probiotics to swiftly, safely and efficiently freshen pets' breath and whiten teeth by re-balancing the bacteria in your pets' mouths," added Dr. Hillman.

Teddy's Pride pet oral care is the result of more than 25 years of research by Dr. Hillman, who began studying probiotics at the Harvard-affiliated Forsyth Institute in Boston prior to joining the staff at the University of Florida.

Through his research, Dr. Hillman realized that good oral health is not as much about plaque and tartar, as it is about the composition of the plaque while maintaining a healthy balance of the bacteria that live in the mouth.

"Biscuits and chew toys are often touted as promoting fresher breath for companion pets, while other products claim to eliminate the bacteria that cause pets to have bad breath," said Dr. Hillman.

"However, while these products may temporarily curb the side effect of unpleasant breath, they represent only short-term, topical solutions. The probiotics in Teddy's Pride Pet Oral Care fight the bacteria that directly cause bad breath. Instead of simply scraping the plaque off of your pet's teeth, the ProBiora3 probiotics in Teddy's Pride Pet Oral Care address bad breath by reducing the bacteria known to cause bad breath and tooth stains."

Teddy's Pride Oral Care for dogs and cats is available at Teddy's Pride and other major online retailers. It is scheduled to be available in the mass retail market in the fall of 2009. Suggested retail price is $24.95 for a 60-day supply.

In December 2008, Oragenics released EvoraPlus, a probiotics for oral care in a consumer product that is based on its science of using the body's natural bacteria for promotion of long-term oral health and wellness.

EvoraPlus is the company's proprietary probiotic mint that naturally supports gum and tooth health while freshening breath and whitening teeth. Stuides show that 70% of people who use EvoraPlus own one or more pets. This makes Teddy's Pride a companion product for this market.

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