3M ESPE named as one of best workplaces in Europe

July 20, 2009
3M ESPE and 3M Deutschland GmbH ranked in Great Place to Work Institute's 2009 list of top employers in Europe.

ST. PAUL, Minnesota--The Great Place to Work Institute recently published its 2009 list of Best Workplaces in Europe, naming 3M ESPE and 3M Deutschland GmbH in its rankings of outstanding employers.

The companies earned sixth place on the overall list of Best Large Workplaces in Europe, with 3M Deutschland GmbH and 3M ESPE AG ranked third and fifth, respectively, in the category of 501 to 5,000 employees. More than 1,350 companies participated in this year's competition, which uses employee surveys to recognize workplaces where employees "trust the people they work for, have pride in what they do, and enjoy the people they work with."

"This recognition is a gratifying acknowledgment of our efforts to hire outstanding people and create a rewarding environment in which they can build careers," said Thomas Boekenkamp, general manager of the 3M ESPE Seefeld, Germany site. "3M ESPE and 3M Deutschland are proud to employ a group of talented and enthusiastic individuals to drive innovation in our products, and we remain committed to providing them with a workplace where their contributions are valued."

The Best Workplaces in Europe rankings are based on 16 national studies conducted throughout Europe. Each country's study uses the same methodology, and the European List is compiled with the same criteria as the national rankings.

The Great Place to Work Institute examines the relationships between employees and management, their jobs and companies, and inter-employee relationships to determine the quality of workplaces.

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