Pulpdent introduces invisible veneer cement

April 2, 2009
Kleer-Veneer is also available in opaque shades.

WATERTOWN, Massachusetts--Pulpdent Corporation has released Kleer-Veneer Light-Cure Veneer Cement, an invisible veneer cement.

Kleer-Veneer is a unique, moisture tolerant, self-adhesive veneer cement. No bonding agents or silane are required. The distinctive consistency holds the veneer securely in place without drift before light curing.

Kleer-Veneer is available in clear, opaque white, opaque cream, and opaque pink. The clear cement is invisible and does not alter tooth shade. The opaque shades can be used when neutralizing existing tooth color is desired.

The Kleer-Veneer intro kit contains four 1.2-ml syringes, one of each shade, plus 20 applicator tips. Refills contain one 1.2-ml syringe Kleer-Veneer plus 10 applicator tips.

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