ProDrive Systems announces distribution agreement with Midway Dental Supply

April 7, 2009
Company becomes newest authorized dealer for ProDrive Systems.

MONTREAL, Canada--ProDrive Systems has announced Midway Dental Supply as the latest member of the America Dental Cooperative to distribute ProDrive products (replacement turbine, bur, and handpiece).

Midway Dental is the fourth authorized member of the ADC network to launch
ProDrive Systems. This follows agreements with Atlanta Dental, Goetze Dental
Supply, and Iowa Dental Supply.

Roger Abigt, president of Midway Dental Supply said, "Midway Dental has a
community oriented approach to building our business and delivering quality
customer service. Our business integrity is the foundation of a growing customer base and long-term and loyal relationships. Our commitment to our
customers includes introducing new technology solutions that have a positive
impact on dentistry. ProDrive is a perfect example of this. We launched ProDrive into our dealer network, and in the very first week of sales we sold out 100% of our initial inventory order--a truly amazing customer reaction to this powerful and unique product."

Richard St-Pierre, president & CEO, ProDrive Systems said, "Our product
distribution through a fourth member of the ADC network is a significant
development for ProDrive Systems. After years of intricate R&D, we have reached a point of tremendous growth and success. We have seen extremely
positive results through our current ADC members, and we continue to earn the trust of future members such as Midway Dental."

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