New children's book tells story of what happens to baby teeth

May 14, 2009
Tooth Fairy Castles answers the question: "What does the tooth fairy do with baby teeth?"

CINCINNATI, Ohio--In her new children's book, Tooth Fairy Castles, Carol Bates Hutchinson presents a magical fairy tale about the kingdom of the tooth fairies to help children who wonder what happens after the tooth fairy comes and takes their baby teeth.

Told in story rhyme, the book is set in a far-away land where all the baby teeth of the world are gathered to create an enchanted village called Tooth Fairy Town. The tooth fairies live there and construct their homes and buildings from the teeth. Their latest project is a new school.

Tooth Fairy Town starts bustling with busy fairies in a race to collect the most teeth for the new building:

"So gather the baby teeth as fast as you can!"

"Let's get to work promptly on this tooth fairy plan."

"A fine place we will build, now gather around,

there's no limit to building in Tooth Fairy Town!"

"Every tooth that we find from each child will be safe,

in this magical land, the tooth fairy place."

Young readers and listeners alike will follow tooth fairies Robbie and Lil on their adventure to earth while learning how tooth fairy tots Tizzy and Toby stay busy back in the village. The illustrations bring this whimsical story to life. Tooth Fairy Castles is a bedtime story for children who are starting to lose their teeth.

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