New book targets dentists, orthodontists, recent dental school graduates

Feb. 19, 2009
"The Financial Fund of Knowledge" addresses financial health for doctors.

A new book targeted at dentists, orthodontists and recent dental school graduates, "The Financial Fund of Knowledge," is now available.

The book is written by Michael Reiman, a certified financial advisor whose national practice--Reiman Financial--focuses on helping dentists and upcoming dental school graduates with comprehensive financial planning, insurance needs, investment advice, retirement planning, asset protection planning and contract review assistance, is being offered free of charge to dental professionals.

"While it is important to teach doctors to take care of patients, it is just as important for dentists and orthodontists to know how to take care of themselves," said Reiman.

According to Reiman, the book can help a doctor understand how his or her career choice specifically impacts wealth accumulation, and student loan debts while helping a physician financially plan for various career stages--from residency to retirement--in matters impacting their financial health.

To obtain the book, send contact information to Michael Reiman or visit Reiman Financial.

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