World dental implant and bone graft market could top $4.5 billion by 2012

March 9, 2010
Global sales of dental implant systems are expected to maintain double-digit growth during the next five years.

ORANGE, California--Global sales of dental implant systems are expected to maintain double-digit growth during the next five years.

In fact, sales could soar to more than $4.5 billion, according to Implant-Based Dental Reconstruction: The Worldwide Dental Implant and Bone Graft Market, Second Edition, a new study released from Kalorama Information.

Sales of dental implants and abutments, which is becoming the preferred restoration for replacement of missing or extracted teeth or as supports for dentures, crowns and bridges, rose more than 15% in 2006 to reach nearly $2 billion. In Europe, the popularity of implants saw sales peak at $760 million or 42% of the global market.

Advanced bone grafting and regeneration techniques have expanded the possibilities for implant-based restorative dentistry. World sales of dental bone grafts reached $130 million in 2006, up 12% since 2005.

The report projects the use of bone grafts will more than double by 2012 with revenues reaching $266 million. Grafting techniques are making it possible to expand the candidate pool for implants to include a sizable population of edentulous patients who were poor candidates for dental implantation due to severe bone resorption.

"The most closely watched research and development projects in dental bone grafting today involve bone morphogenic protein products," noted Anne Anscomb, the report's author. "BMPs have the potential to transform the bone grafting market and surpass all other products on the market, including synthetic substitutes, allografts, and demineralized bone matrices.

"With the announcement in March that the FDA-approved Medtronic's InFuse Bone Graft for certain oral maxillofacial and dental regenerative bone grafting procedures, the future of BMP and increased use of grafts and implants looks very promising," Anscomb added.

The report includes revenue forecasts for each segment through 2016, global market share for four geographic regions, more than 35 tables and figures with detailed market data, reviews of new products, and computer aided dentistry and reimbursement trends.

The report can be purchased from Kalorama Information by visiting Kalorama Information.

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