Demandforce selected by the California Dental Association

Jan. 6, 2010
Demandforce named CDA's endorsed patient communications system for its 24,000 members.

SAN FRANCISCO, California--The California Dental Association, a nonprofit organization representing 24,000 California dentists, has announced selection of Demandforce as its endorsed provider of online patient communications.

"The role of CDA Endorsed Programs is to find the best companies for our members, so we help them make an informed decision that positively impacts their practice," said Evet Dickinson, manager of CDA Endorsed Programs. "After a thorough evaluation of all the available systems in the marketplace, Demandforce was the clear choice for our endorsement."

Dr. Lyndon Low, chair of the CDA Council on Endorsed Programs, reinforced the value the Council saw in Demandforce during the evaluation process.

"Today's reality is that patients are online and are using email and text-messaging on a daily basis," Dr. Low said. "In Demandforce, we see a best-in-class solution that gives CDA member dentists a more effective means of communication between their practice and their patients."

The Demandforce system offers end-to-end patient life-cycle management to attract new patients, retain existing patients, reactivate lost patients and reduce no-shows, while enabling the practice to build its online reputation.

The system gives business users insight into their practice's health by measuring patient satisfaction and revenue generated through Demandforce activities.

"Demandforce is proud to have been selected by the California Dental Association as its endorsed provider of patient communications," said Rick Berry, Demandforce president. "The backing of the CDA reinforces the fact that online communications are fundamental to patient retention, practice growth, and are a core component of building a successful practice."

The function of the Council on Endorsed Programs is to find service providers that offer the best value to CDA member practices and their patients.

During the review process, the council evaluates the technology or service, performs interviews with existing customers, and makes certain that support and customer service satisfaction will reach the standards set by the CDA.

Demandforce is a web-based customer communications and reputational marketing software platform.

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