XCPT Software announces partnership agreement to advance Zimmer Dental digital dentistry initiatives

Jan. 28, 2010
Companies sign a three-year agreement to collaborate.

VENICE, Florida---Zimmer Dental and XCPT Communication Technologies, LLC, have signed a three-year agreement to collaborate by incorporating XCPT's software applications into Zimmer Dental's digital dentistry initiatives.

With this agreement, Zimmer customers will be able to obtain licenses to a special version of the XCPT Patient Engagement System software customized exclusively for Zimmer.

As XCPT expands its product offerings in the future, the executive teams at Zimmer and XCPT will collaborate to create software products and functionality specifically targeted to Zimmer Dental customer's needs.

"We're excited about being able to offer our customers the opportunity to work with XCPT's dynamic software," said Harold C. Flynn Jr., president of Zimmer Dental.

"We believe that Zimmer's goals of delivering world-class implantology products, practice development offerings, and educational programs focused on empowering clinicians and shaping the future of implant dentistry will be enhanced by our partnership with XCPT. Our new software offering will benefit our customers and the patients they serve, resulting in improved patient outcomes and an all-around more positive experience."

XCPT's software is a highly graphical, face-to-face, patient consultation and engagement tool, which helps doctors communicate by recognizing the importance of visual learning during treatment planning.

With XCPT, the patient is involved in steps of the dental treatment process as the clinician uses the patient's X-rays, CT scans, and/or photographs to communicate treatment options and solutions.

"With its use, we're seeing doctors improve patient understanding and increase case acceptance by simply showing the patient what they see," said Steven J. Feldman, DDS, CEO of XCPT.

"In addition, our software is an outstanding collaboration tool for the entire interdisciplinary dental team and works with all the existing hardware and software used in each individual office. We're thrilled to be an integral piece of Zimmer's strategy to bring value to their current and future customer base through digital communication initiatives."

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