Hayes Handpiece offers Lunch and Learn education sessions

Jan. 25, 2010
Most of Hayes' 85 U.S. locations offer this service to dentists and oral surgeons free of charge.

CARLSBAD, California--Hayes Handpiece Company has announced the offering of Lunch and Learn education sessions in cities across the country.

Most of Hayes' 85 locations offer this service to dentists and oral surgeons free of charge. Hayes representatives bring lunch to the staff, and run an education session.

Hayes has four Lunch and Learn sessions to choose from, including Handpiece Maintenance. This session covers cleaning, lubricating and sterilizing, and offers one free continuing education credit through dentrek.com.

New Handpiece & Instrument Technology covers new endo and implant technology, as well as electric handpieces. CDC Guidelines for Handpiece Maintenance covers CDC findings in regard to disinfectants and sterilizing low-speeds and electrics.

The Hayes Instrument Audit is designed to take the guesswork out of maintaining hygiene and surgical instruments. Hayes reviews the instruments that need to be sharpened or replaced, and also discusses instrument sterilization.

"We are extremely excited to be able to come to offices and talk to employees during a time when they can relax and talk about their handpieces and instruments," said Joe Hayes, CEO of Hayes Handpiece.

"Usually, doctors, dental assistants and hygienists are so busy with patients during the day. But we are finding that during our Lunch and Learn sessions, we can really answer questions about important topics, such as CDC guidelines for handpiece maintenance and offer tips on how to get more life out of handpieces."

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