Sirona launches the inEos Blue Desktop Scanner

Jan. 12, 2010
Scanner incorporates Sirona's "Bluecam" technology into the inLab product line.

LONG ISLAND CITY, New York--Sirona Dental Systems, a pioneer in digital dentistry more than 25 years ago and a producer of dental CAD/CAM systems, has announced the launch of the inEos Blue desktop scanner.

InEos Blue is an advanced 3D scanner that allows dental technicians to quickly, precisely, and easily scan dental models.

inEos Blue is built on Sirona's innovative Blue Light-Emitting Diode, or Bluecam technology. Bluecam technology utilizes short-wavelength visible blue light to facilitate flexible recording options, resulting in faster scanning and highly precise 3D digital models.

inEos Blue provides dental technicians more control to determine what they want to record, allowing the design process of 3D digital models to be performed with precision and speed.

With the inEos Blue, the technician can now utilize an automatic image capture function (auto capture) that allows free movement of the model in any direction. This provides complete control of the angle of the scan.

Thus, the user takes a digital impression only of the required treatment area with interactive control and increased flexibility.

The inEos Blue scanner is slated to be available in February 2010, along with a dedicated computer and inLab 3D software. The scanner can be utilized as a standalone unit or in combination with the inLab milling unit for complete in-house production.

In addition, inEos Blue can save and export scanning data in STL format, thereby allowing the data to be processed using third-party software.

"Our goal for inEos Blue was to create a scanner that provides superior optical precision, reliability, and speed, while providing the technician full control of the scanning process," said Bart Doedens, vice president, dental CAD/CAM systems. "Through our innovative Bluecam technology, we are now able to bring the best digital dental scanning capabilities to our valued laboratory clients."

For more information on inEos Blue, and on all Sirona Dental Systems' inLab services, call (800) 873-7683, contact a Patterson Dental representative, or log on to Sirona Dental.

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