Hygienist creates dental assistant and hygiene component Web sites

Jan. 13, 2010
Sites are an easy way to "Go Green" while saving green.

In this age of online social networking and smartphones, having the latest information at the fingertips of members of dental hygiene and dental assisting associations should no longer be a luxury, but a standard.

A dental hygienist in California creates free Web sites for hygiene and assisting components across the United States.

Linda Belaus, CDA, RDH, is the owner of Dental Jobs, an employment site that connects dental professionals. She said that having an online presence is essential to efficiency and communication within components.

For such organizations, Web sites disseminate news updates, advertise upcoming events and workshops, as well as recruit potential members.

She added that the Web sites potentially trim a number of expenses faced by components, such as postage and printing costs while promoting environmentally friendly practices.

"With the current focus on budgets and the concept of 'going green,' having a Web site through which up-to-date information can be shared just makes sense," Belaus said.

Her staff has created 48 Web sites for hygiene and assisting components, providing domain names, site hosting, and maintenance. Her service began when she took charge of maintaining her local Sacramento Valley component's site in 2007.

With unnecessary consumption of postage stamps, paper, and ink as a thing of the past for the component, more funds can be allocated towards legislative advocacy and organization events.

For more information, contact Belaus at Linda Belaus.

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