Nampora brings pay-for-performance marketing to dentistry

April 7, 2010
Just as larger corporations have built brands by paying independent marketing affiliates for performance, dental practices can use the same model to grow their offices.

ROCKVILLE, Maryland--Nampora Dental, a dental marketing firm, will officially unveil a new pay-for-performance dental marketing service at the 78th Annual Nation's Capital Dental Meeting in Washington, D.C.

Nampora's service, developed specifically for the dental industry, is based on the concept of affiliate marketing. This concept has traditionally been the domain of much larger businesses.

Affiliate marketing is a term for the increasingly popular marketing model that allows advertisers to outsource much of their marketing to independent marketing specialists. The independent marketers write copy, place ads, and create Web sites on behalf of their clients.

Instead of being paid an upfront fee or monthly retainer like traditional marketing agencies, the affiliate marketers receive a small fee from the advertiser for each new customer they refer.

This model allows the advertisers, who are typically large e-Commerce Web sites and consumer product manufacturers, to reach wider audiences and generate new business with little upfront costs or risk.

Affiliate marketing has been a driving force behind the growth of many businesses online, but it has yet to reach prominence as a tool for small businesses to achieve growth and reach a local audience. Nampora Dental hopes to change that with its new dental marketing service.

Nampora's service is, in effect, affiliate marketing for dentists. Participating dental practices will be able to pay only for the new patient inquiries generated by Nampora. In order to generate the new business, Nampora will aggressively market the practice online to a local audience.

The service has been piloted by several of Nampora's dental practice partners in the Washington, D.C., area. But this week's conference marks the launch of the service to a nationwide audience.

One of the early adopters of the service, Dr. Farzam Tamami, based in Potomac, Md., said, "I have worked with a wide range of dental marketing specialists, but only Nampora guaranteed results--and delivered."

Nampora is hopeful that the service will be equally well-received by dental practice owners nationwide, but small businesses and medical practices in particular are known for spending little on marketing.

This is compounded by the nature of traditional dental marketing services, which charge dentists a flat fee for creating and distributing print and online advertisements and have little incentive to continue delivering additional new patients after receiving payment.

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