ProDrive announces ceramic bearing upgrade turbine

Feb. 10, 2010
Turbine will be used for StarDental high-speed handpieces.

MONTREAL, Canada--ProDrive Systems has announced release of the ProDrive StarDental Premium upgrade turbine with no-lube feature for Star 430 and Solara high-speed handpieces.

Different than the existing ProDrive StarDental upgrade turbine, the Premium turbine features ceramic bearings and a no-lube option for Solara and Star 430 Series including 430SW, 430SWL, 430K, and 430 Kaleidoscope.

Unlike traditional friction grip design, ProDrive's patented turbine and triangular bur system lock together for cut performance, control and precision. The design provides long-term durable and reliable performance when compared to friction grip design. ProDrive upgrade turbines ship with a comprehensive one-year warranty, including bearings.

"The ProDrive System allows dentists to upgrade their current handpiece without having to invest in major change or costs to their practice," said Richard St-Pierre, ProDrive Systems president and CEO.

"Our ProDrive upgrade turbine for StarDental is priced similar to the Star factory turbine, yet provides a higher level of performance. We're excited to expand the ProDrive product line, providing Star users a new level of handpiece performance they have never experienced before--with the convenience of lube-free care."

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