Dentra's PatSat selected to measure patient satisfaction in real time

Feb. 17, 2010
University of Washington School of Dentistry implements outcome assessment tool for clinical department.

SEATTLE, Washington--Dentra, a provider of online quality measurement solutions, has announced that the University of Washington School of Dentistry has selected PatSat to measure and monitor patient satisfaction in real time.

Aimed to serve as an outcome assessment tool for the school's clinical department, PatSat is a cost-effective online satisfaction measurement solution that enables dental patients to provide feedback about their experience after each visit by answering a short survey.

As an early adopter joining Dentra's University PatSat Network, UW's School of Dentistry provides academic leadership for quality measurement best practices in dental schools across the country. The school will use PatSat to collect and process satisfaction data daily, and deliver benchmark reports and dashboards that faculty and students can consult via an online portal.

UW should be able to better understand how its dental patients perceive the clinic's service performance, and as a result, enhance overall patient satisfaction. Significant growth in the number of patients using the clinic is expected through continuous improvement of quality best practices among faculty and students.

PatSat works with the school's axiUm practice management system, making it easy to generate daily lists of treated patients, prepopulate, and automatically send e-mail invitations to individual satisfaction surveys.

"We are currently working on establishing quality standards within our faculty, and PatSat is a product that can meet our specific needs," explained Daniel Chan, DMD, MS, DDS, associate dean of clinical services at University of Washington's School of Dentistry.

"The solution will not only supply all providers access to their own patient feedback, so they can improve their performance, it will also play a key role in supporting the quality improvement culture in our school."

Added Dan Nathanson, DMD, MSD, professor and chair of the department of restorative sciences and biomaterials at Boston's University School of Dental Medicine, : "Outcome assessment is an essential item in the accreditation for dental schools across the nation."

"Dentra's patient satisfaction measurement solution provides an objective third-party assessment tool that can help schools self-test, improve and demonstrate their record of patient acceptance and satisfaction," added Dr. Nathanson, a member of Dentra's advisory council.

"Just as health care came to use outcomes and analytics to look for and define best practices in quality care delivery, it is now an opportune time for dentistry to embrace and move towards transparency with regards to quality measurement," concluded Amanda Twiss, Dentra's president and CEO.

"Dentra's mission is to help the dental profession establish industry-wide quality measurement standards and practices by providing best-in-class technology, analytics, and expertise for oral health-care delivery excellence. Our relationship with UW's dental school marks a key milestone in Dentra's history, and we look forward to helping UW lay the foundations in quality measurement that will enable more dental schools to follow in its footsteps."

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