AdDent releases new accessories for use with handpiece

Feb. 1, 2010
Fiber Optic Perio Probe and Microlux Micro Mirror intended for use with Microlux Diagnostic Handpiece.

DANBURY, Connecticut--AdDent has announced two new accessories to be used with the company's Microlux Diagnostic Handpiece.

The accessories include the Fiber Optic Perio Probe and Microlux Micro Mirror.

The Fiber Optic Perio Probe is a 0.75mm diameter light guide used for detecting the depth of pocket and gingival recession.The depth indications on the illuminated fiber tip are 3 mm, 5 mm, and 7 mm.

Part Number: 640041
Description: Microlux Fiber Optic Perio Probe with 5 light guides
Suggested Retail Price $120

Part Number: 640042
Description: Microlux Perio Probe Light Guide Refill Kit (Qty 25)
Suggested Retail Price $39

The Microlux Micro Mirror attachment provides visual access and illuminated light for procedures such as an apicoectomy and oral surgery. Use the Micro Mirror to visualize treatment areas under loupe or microscope magnification.

Part Number: 640028
Description: Microlux Fiber Optic Micro Mirror
Suggested Retail Price $120

For additional information on these products and other Microlux accessories, contact AdDent at (203) 778-0200, ext. 104 or visit AdDent.

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