MicroActive Corporation acquired

Nov. 6, 2007
Linden LLC and The Edgewater Funds obtains subsidiary of Barrier Safe Solutions International.

RENO, Nevada--MicroActive Corporation, a subsidiary of Barrier Safe Solutions International, has announced that the company has been acquired by Linden LLC and The Edgewater Funds.

In addition to MicroActive, BSSI also owns Microflex Corporation and FoodHandler, Inc.

BSSI, with headquarters in Reno, is a leading supplier of health and safety barrier products to the foodservice, emergency medical, dental, laboratory, automotive and industrial markets throughout North America.

With a focus on premium quality and outstanding service, BSSI annually sells more than six billion disposable gloves under the Microflex and FoodHandler brands.

Mike Mattos, chief Executive officer of BSSI said, "We look forward to working
together with our new partners at Linden and Edgewater to further grow our business and expand our infection control, food service and industrial safety platforms through continued organic growth as well as additional acquisitions."

MicroActive is committed to developing and marketing innovative anti-microbial
technologies, products and solutions for healthcare, food, agricultural, medical, consumer and industrial products.

Derek Warneke, general manager of MicroActive commented, "We are very excited about the breakthrough levels of performance demonstrated by our patented antimicrobial systems and the unique opportunity we have to effectively address infection control and food safety issues. Our highly engineered systems deliver market leading levels of performance with unmatched safety in a cost effective platform."