Endodontic postgraduate program information just a click away

Nov. 14, 2007
American Association of Endodontists launches online database for advanced program information.

CHICAGO--For dental professionals looking for an appropriate post-graduate program in endodontics, trolling numerous program Web sites can be a time-consuming and arduous process.

Thanks to the American Association of Endodontists, that process now is a one-click experience. The Association has launched an online repository for specific information on each advanced endodontic program, including applicant requirements, faculty composition, program descriptions and much more.

This database will allow interested parties to compare many aspects of different graduate programs and thus assist candidates in tailoring their applications to programs which offer strengths of particular importance to them. It is regularly updated to ensure the most current information, and is available to download through the Association's Web site at American Association of Endodontists.

"Endodontics has a long history of working with general dentists and students to learn the art and science of the specialty," said Dr. Anne Williamson, chair of the AAE Educational Affairs Committee. "This online database is another way we can provide worthwhile individual program information to potential endodontic residents, thereby streamlining the application process."

Before the database's launch, the process for finding an appropriate endodontic program required large amounts of research on an applicant's part. For the first time, the AAE is providing a dynamic resource that will allow potential endodontic candidates to search the options in post graduate programs in a much quicker fashion.

"By becoming more active in linking dentists to their desired residency programs, we are hoping to ensure an ideal learning experience for the student and an endodontist who will provide the highest quality of patient care," said Dr. Shepard S. Goldstein, AAE president.