Dental-product value book available

Nov. 28, 2007
DentaCheques 2008 offers savings on invoices, no-purchase-necessary free products.

DENVER--The National Foundation of Dentistry for the Handicapped, a charitable affiliate of the American Dental Association, has announced that the latest edition of its yearly fundraiser--DentaCheques, the dental-product value book--has undergone extensive electronic upgrades.

To make philanthropy easier and even more profitable, DentaCheques has partnered with a prominent Web-design company to create Web site not just for information, but also for ordering the book, viewing the substantial samples and even requesting the free products (valued at over $750 this year).

Sold for $110, DentaCheques 2008 offers:

*$120 off invoices from major dental distributors

*More than $750 in no-purchase-necessary free products (

"We are extremely pleased to offer our purchasers the ability to request their MEGAsamples online. In the past, DentaCheques supporters had to fill out, detach and mail individual sample requests. Now, customers will be able to go online and request all their samples at once," said Rob Saldaña, director of the DentaCheques program, adding that the mail-reducing electronic features are better for the environment and easier for dentists. 

"The new Web site will eliminate the mail-sorting otherwise required by the companies offering the samples, which will make MEGAsample participation more convenient and appealing to dental companies, hopefully leading to increased MEGAsample value in subsequent editions," he concluded.