Musical-singing toothbrushes designed to get kids to brush

June 7, 2007
World Trend's new toothbrushes play popular songs from evergreen licenses.

POMONA, California--Among the hardest things to do is to get kids to eat their vegetables and properly brush their teeth.

Now, World Trend, Inc. a manufacturer of licensed child/ youth oral care and hair accessories for 26 years, has a solution for the brushing their teeth part.

The Pomona, Calif.-based company is introducing a line of musical-singing toothbrushes designed to get kids excited about brushing their teeth, by using a combination of well-known characters, popular songs and the latest technology.

Currently, World Trend is offering several evergreen licenses in the line: Thomas Friends, playing the "Thomas Roll Call" song, Care Bears, playing "You AreMy Sunshine", and Bob The Builder, playing the "Bob the Builder" theme song.

World Trend's new line of toothbrushes includes a sophisticated computer chip and a miniature state-of-the-art speaker to bring out the highest quality sound. Dentists recommend brushing teeth for two minutes and World Trend's toothbrushes play the words and music for two minutes before turning off.

"Dentists are extremely clear about how important it is to get kids to brush their teeth properly," said Richard Hyken, executive vice president of Pomona, Calif.-based World Trend.

"These new toothbrushes are designed to do just that. Our popular licenses on the musical toothbrushes will make kids want to use them. The two-minute song will help them use the brush for the right amount of time. It is a great tool for parents to get their kids excited about brushing their teeth."

For more information, contact Hyken at [email protected].