Affiliation provides network dentist with greater industry access

Dec. 18, 2007
CIGNA Dental's Power Purchasing program offers discounts to network dentists on products and services from established, independent, national vendors.

PHILADELPHIA--Dentists in CIGNA Dental's network now have access to PreViser's patented oral risk and disease management software technology at a discounted cost through the most recent enhancement to CIGNA's Power Purchasing program.

The program offers discounts to network dentists on products and services from established, independent, national vendors. In addition, individual dentists in CIGNA's network will be working directly with PreViser through a pilot program to evaluate the oral health outcomes and practice productivity benefits of the software.

"At CIGNA, we believe consumers should have access to technology, information, and services that help improve health," said Dr. Miles Hall, chief clinical director for CIGNA Dental. "Through this program, we can help our network dentists adopt technology that advances prevention and early treatment and builds evidence to substantiate the effective use of technology in improving oral health."

An estimated 80 percent of American adults have some form of periodontal disease. PreViser's software is aimed at simplifying the diagnosis and treatment planning process for periodontal disease, in addition to providing accurate assessments of oral cancer, cavities and periodontal disease risk. The software produces reports that provide patients with actionable suggestions to better address their oral health care needs.

"PreViser is pleased to be working closely with providers in CIGNA Dental's network," said PreViser Chief Executive Officer Carl Loeb. "Not only will this affiliation with CIGNA allow us to further quantify the beneficial effects of the PreViser software for patients, but it's also an opportunity to increase awareness about the importance of oral hygiene among individuals and contribute to overall health and well being of those individuals."

In 2006, Americans made about 500 million visits to dentists, and an estimated $94 billion was spent on dental services.

"It's estimated that every $1 spent on preventive dental care could save $8 to $50 in restorative and emergency treatments, " said Hall. "The savings could increase when you factor in potential costs related to medical treatment for illness resulting from poor oral hygiene."

"Intervention and treatment can help to improve periodontal disease as well as reduce the risk of an associated systemic condition such as heart disease or diabetes," said Dr. Robert Genco, a member of CIGNA Dental Clinical Advisory Panel. "Successful intervention requires patient compliance. As a result, dental providers must continue to consider innovative tools that simplify the diagnosis and treatment planning process and increase patient awareness."