eDentalSpace is launched

Dec. 20, 2007
A free Web site, www.eDentalSpace.com is being launched exclusively for dental professionals and is essentially a MySpace™ for dental professionals.

eDentalSpace Inc. has launched "eDentalSpace.com," a pioneering, eNetworking utility designed exclusively for dentists, dental students, hygienists, assistants, practice managers, dental schools and state & local associations! The service is free of charge to this dental community.

For the purposes of providing the foundation for true unification, communication and a networking opportunity via a virtual conduit, www.eDentalSpace.com is being launched exclusively for dental professionals. Essentially a MySpace™ for dental professionals, members will be able to create profiles to assist in expanding their professional connections exponentially; share knowledge, issues and solutions; and help them to support, mentor, and enable one another to leverage the constant changes in dental science and the business of dentistry. Profiles in such online forums, are, for all intents and purposes, today's "ebusiness card" that can be personally managed, 24/7.

Professional networking utilizing www.eDentalSpace.com will offer dental professionals from coast to coast and globally their first real tool for establishing solid connections, demonstrating leadership, and augmenting career opportunities. It will provide an online forum to advance professional learning via dialogue with other like-minded individuals, as well as CEU accredited coursework as mandated by their various licensing organizations.

Effective business networking, mandatory in any profession, requires keeping track of contacts, and continually establishing new ones. Never before has networking been so easy. With eNetworking, a member can now hand out business cards with his or her www.eDentalSpace.com profile link, where a personal bio including up-to-date pictures, CV's, practice information, or status of education and what he or she is looking to do professionally, is at the disposal of their peers and colleagues who log in. In actuality, one's profile has become his or her 'ebusiness card'.

www.eDentalSpace.com is as much a personal as it is a professional eNetworking tool, and has been designed for both purposes. Unlike some of the social networking forums online, www.eDentalSpace.com is exclusively for dental professionals - people who speak the same language and who live in the same world. Members can search out other members based on location, specialty, alma-mater, etc. As 'friend' lists build, the 'six degrees of separation' suddenly becomes 2 or 3 and members gain built-in references on one another (if, say, they might be considering joining his or her practice, hiring him or her, even asking her on a date).

Dental schools, state and local dental associations are invited to post their logos, free of charge, and will enjoy groups created within www.eDentalSpace.com exclusively for their purposes. As a foundation for networking, www.eDentalSpace.com will provide opportunities for vendors, resellers and professional service providers through unique profile marketing programs that will offer them 24/7 advertising on a massive scale.

Conceived by prominent Phoenix, AZ TMJ & Reconstructive dentist Dr. James R. Chaffin and Mark Eric Bailey, President of Capital4HealthCare, LLC – a practice advisory firm serving dentists nationwide, www.eDentalSpace.com is a free and exclusive, professional utility designed to unify the worldwide dental community with personal profiles, employment and classified listings, practice opportunities, blogging, messaging, e-mail, photo sharing and gallery capabilities, music, videos, events, specialty groups, and user created discussion forums. A recent graduate of Loma Linda University School of Dentistry and one of the top 3 cosmetic dentists nationwide according to MacVeneers, Dr. Chaffin has long emphasized the need for improved communication and a networking utility to unify the dental profession. Mr. Bailey, who graduated from Dickinson College years ago notes what a difference dentistry is today when entire educational communities can exist online within a private community, yet network easily with students from other dental schools and private practitioners using www.eDentalSpace.com .

The gateway to the site and infrastructure has been created by Studio Works, LLC – a full-service marketing agency serving primarily dental and medical professionals.