Academy concerned with dental board advertising rule

Oct. 18, 2007
Amendments call for Academy of General Dentistry members in Colorado who have obtained their Fellowship or Mastership are required to add a lengthy disclaimer to their advertisements.

CHICAGO--The Academy of General Dentistry was disappointed by the Colorado Board of Dental Examiner's amendments to its Rule XXVI, Advertising, that became effective Dec. 31, 2006.

With these amendments in place, AGD members in Colorado who have obtained their Fellowship or Mastership are required to add a long disclaimer to their advertisements, which implies such awards have little effect on the quality of education earned by AGD members.

"By completing the AGD's rigorous requirements for either Fellowship or
Mastership, our members go above and beyond basic licensure requirements to
keep their practice up-to-date with the latest procedures and techniques," says AGD President Vincent Mayher, DMD, MAGD. "They take extra dental education to provide their patients with the very best in dental care; this award truly distinguishes these dentists from others in the dental community."

Rule XXVI, however, reads, "Any advertisement stating recognition from an
unaccredited school, organization or continuing education program must
include a disclaimer that the Commission on Dental Accreditation [CODA] does
not accredit the school, organization, or continuing education program."

"The use of a disclaimer is chilling to our members," says Colorado AGD
President Russell G. Posey, DDS, FAGD. "The average dental consumer will not
understand what CODA is or what it does. Although CODA is not in the business of accrediting dental organizations, any patient could easily (and falsely) assume so, which hurts patients and the dentist trying to bring ever-increasing quality care to the community."

In truth, however, CODA is not in the business of accrediting organizations,
only dental educational programs, therefore, the disclaimer is inherently
misleading and deceptive to the public by implying something false about AGD
Fellowship and Mastership.

Drs. Mayher and Posey will attend the CBDE hearing on Oct. 24, at the
Department of Regulatory Agencies in Denver, Colo., to address an amendment
to Rule XXVI proposed by the CBDE after communications with the AGD.

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