Crosstex International acquires Strong Dental Products

Oct. 18, 2007
Acquisition should complement Crosstex's product line.

HAUPPAUGE, New York--Crosstex International, a leading global dental infection control and single use disposable products manufacturer, has announced the acquisition of Strong Dental Products, Inc.

Strong Dental Products is a manufacturer of comfort cushioning and protective devices for X-ray film and digital X-ray sensors.

Edge-Ease, a soft foam X-ray cushion, provides an extremely comfortable edge on film packets and digital sensors. Sensor Slippers, Wrap-Ease, BiteWing-Ease, and Slip-Ease enhance ease, efficiency and patient comfort, protecting both the patient and the digital sensors.

According to Andrew Whitehead, VP of Sales and Marketing, "Strong Dental Products perfectly complement our new Patient's Choice product line. With Vonda S. Manley, RDH, MS joining the Crosstex family as resident hygienist, Crosstex will develop an even broader range of innovative and convenient patient comfort and infection control products to enhance the efficiency and safety within the dental community."

Vonda S. Manley, RDH, MS, originated the innovative category of comfort cushions and barrier sleeves for dental imaging devices as a way to solve the problems experienced during her personal patient interaction.

"I created a line of products to address patient comfort issues while protecting the sensitive equipment," Manley said. "I believe that Crosstex can take these unique products and open them up to an even wider market helping to further my commitment to improve patient care."

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