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Dr. Erin Elliott discusses medical billing for sleep apnea treatment (VIDEO)

Aug. 5, 2016
Dr. Chris Salierno interviews Dr. Erin Elliott about successfully billing for sleep apnea. Dr. Elliott has learned a lot about medical billing for sleep apnea, and she wants to share this with her peers, including at the upcoming Principles of Practice Management Conference, where she will speak on the topic.

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How can your office actually get paid for treating those sleep apnea patients? In this interview, Dr. Chris Salierno talks with Dr. Erin Elliott about billing for sleep apnea.

Dr. Elliott has become so proficient in this area that sleep apnea takes up much of her practice time. The trick is to learn medical billing, which is often a foreign concept to dentists. While she acknowledges that it is a process to learn and master the billing, it is well worth the time when your practice gains new patients in this area.

In her series of articles in Dental Economics, Dr. Elliott explains not only how to successfully get paid for this treatment, but also how her staff has been trained in this area. She notes that when patients call her office they immediately sense the knowledge of her staff, and they feel comfortable coming to the practice for treatment. Her series explains the practice management aspects of treating sleep apnea, not the clinical aspects.

Dr. Elliott will present a course at the upcoming Principles of Practice Management Conference (sponsored by Dental Economics) Sept. 23-24 at the Renaissance Schaumburg Convention Center in Schaumburg, Illinois. She’ll be available to answer everyone’s questions as they pursue this area of dentistry. Registration is still open! For more complete information, registration, and travel information, visit

Watch Dr. Salierno's Google hangout with Dr. Elliott below.

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