Dental Guard from DenTek Takes the Bite out of Treatment Costs

Oct. 10, 2012
Innovative over-the-counter dental guard helps protect against nighttime clenching and grinding

MARYVILLE, Tenn. — Americans spend more than $100 billion a year on dental care, and since the start of the recent recession, many consumers are footing those dental bills on their own.

Affordable treatment is in sight, however, for the nearly one-in-three Americans who suffer from nighttime bruxism, which causes people to clench and grind their teeth when sleeping. While bruxism also occurs during the day, nighttime grinding is a bigger problem and far more damaging because when it happens during sleep, people don’t know it and can’t control it.

Patient studies show that bruxism often occurs some 25 times a night with enough force to crack a walnut — 250 pounds of force per square inch. Over time, this unrelenting condition wears down, flattens, fractures and chips teeth, which can result in thousands of dollars in dental care treatments – money that many struggling Americans just don’t have.

To combat nighttime bruxism with an affordable solution, DenTek has designed a revolutionary over-the-counter dental guard.

Launching this month, the DenTek Professional Fit Maximum Protection Dental Guard protects against the oral damage of nighttime bruxism with a patent-pending forming tray to fit each person’s unique oral contours, just like one created in a dentist’s office.

At only $30, DenTek provides professional-like protection without the dentist-office price tag, which can often amount to hundreds of dollars and isn’t covered by most dental insurance programs.

“At DenTek, we want to be responsive to our consumers’ needs – and a big part of that responsiveness is providing affordable solutions,” said DenTek’s Director of Marketing Charlotte Havely. “This dental guard can help millions of people who otherwise would be without an affordable treatment for this debilitating condition.”

For more information about bruxism and DenTek’s Professional Fit Maximum Protection Dental Guard, visit or call 800-433-6835.