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Dental coding with Kyle: 2019 coding changes

Nov. 15, 2018
With the new year comes dental coding changes. Here are some of the new codes dental office managers can start learning to give themselves a jump on 2019 coding.
With the arrival of the New Year comes the arrival of new CDT code changes.

Here’s a quick reference to show you what’s changing in 2019.

Here are the new CDT 2019 codes, effective January 1, 2019.

D0412: Blood glucose level test—In-office using a glucose meter

D1516: Space maintainer—Fixed – bilateral, maxillary

D1517: Space maintainer—Fixed – bilateral, mandibular

D1526: Space maintainer—Removable – bilateral, maxillary

D1527: Space maintainer—Removable – bilateral, mandibular

D5282: Removable unilateral partial denture—One-piece cast metal, including clasps and teeth

D5283: Removable unilateral partial denture—One-piece cast metal, including clasps and teeth, mandibular

D5281, D5876: Add metal substructure to acrylic full denture, per arch

D9130: Temporomandibular joint dysfunction—Non-invasive physical therapies

D9613: Infiltration of sustained release therapeutic drug—Single or multiple sites

D9944: Occlusal guard—Hard appliance, full arch

D9946: Occlusal guard—Hard appliance, partial arch

D9990: Certified translation or sign-language services per visit

Here are the existing CDT codes that are being deleted, effective January 1, 2019.

D1515: Space maintainer—Fixed – bilateral

D1525: Space maintainer—Removable – bilateral

D5281: Removable unilateral partial denture—One-piece cast metal, including clasps and teeth

D9940: Occlusal guard, by report

Don’t forget to update your practice management software for the New Year.

Happy coding!

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