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Must-read SEO advice for orthodontists and dentists

Sept. 1, 2020
Search engine optimization is still an important part of successful marketing for your dental practice. Adam Roseland breaks it down in easy-to-understand steps to help dentists get their practice names on local search.

Do you run a dental practice? If so, you’re most likely looking for ways to get more patients to your clinic. There are tons of techniques you can use, but few are as good as search engine optimization (SEO). SEO is instrumental in helping thousands of big and small businesses reach their target audiences online.

A high percentage of people use the internet when they search for local businesses, including dental and orthodontics offices. Gone are the days when patients drive for extended periods of time to find a decent dental practitioner and book an appointment. Instead, people do all of this online and save a lot of time. The health-care industry has adopted strategies through the years to provide people with online solutions.

People are using search engines such as Google to find the best practitioners in their areas. Therefore, you must do all that you can to make sure that you stand out from your competition. What better way to catch the eye of potential customers than by improving your ranking on Google and other search engines?

Dental queries and Google

Compared to a just few years ago, ranking your dental practice for keywords has become a bit tricky. Initially, when people searched for a particular keyword, they saw no more than 10 blue links and some ads. Now, however, search engine results pages (SERPs) are tricky.

If you’re new to SEO, it would be best to follow some tried and tested tips to ensure that your dental practice ranks high on Google. Here’s a word of advice—use local listings as they are a tremendous tool to boost search engine rankings.

SEO tips to improve your dental practice’s visibility

Every marketing plan requires you to know how and where to reach your target audience, and SEO is no different. Once you start addressing the needs of your patients, they will give you attention. It will significantly improve your rankings and help you gain even more attention. Let’s discuss some proven SEO practices that have been fruitful for dentists and orthodontists in increasing client numbers.

Prioritize keywords

Yes, patients use search engines to find dentists, but some also look for specific services. From annual checkups to bridges and whitening, most dental practices offer a variety of services. When people use multiple words to search, it’s called a “long-tail search.” These contain several words and their search volumes are not as high as traditional keywords, such as "dentists" or "dental clinic." However, the traffic that such queries generate is outstanding. Why? Because these keywords are highly targeted and help with conversions.

For instance, instead of optimizing your site for terms like "dental services," consider using long-tail keywords such as children's dentist in (city or state), or dentist in (your area name). You should also include phrases and keywords that describe your services. This will increase traffic and make your website look authentic.

Local search optimization

Most people search for local service providers when it comes to medicine and health. You will miss out on these prospects if you fail to implement an SEO plan that targets particular areas. As I mentioned, you can improve your ranking by adding your city or town name to your web copy.

You must remember other aspects of your website too. Instead of focusing only on your copywriting, you should consider incorporating locations into your URLs and page titles. Also, register your dental practice on local directory sites and Google Maps. This will improve your website’s visibility tenfold, especially in local searches.

Attract patients with blogging

The ultimate goal of dental SEOs is to attract as many patients as possible by increasing visibility on Google and other popular search engines. Offer people your expertise and knowledge online without charging them. This will build your brand’s credibility unlike anything else and result in increased revenue after some time.

Blogging is one of the best ways to achieve this goal. Write blogs that discuss oral hygiene, daily dental care tips, and other similar topics, and you will attract potential patients in no time. As more people visit your website, you will become a reliable source and top choice for anyone searching for a dentist, especially in your area.

You will gain a tremendous number of clients once your practice shows up for particular keywords. However, SEO requires a lot of effort and time. Follow the advice discussed here and stay up to date with SEO-related news and your dental practice's online presence will flourish.

Adam Roseland is the founder of Ortho Advertising, an award winning Philadelphia based digital marketing agency providing expert SEO, Google Ads, Facebook, and Instagram management and retargeting. Roseland has been working in the advertising industry for 20 years, primarily in the digital space, helping local practices get more patients and creating one of the industry’s leading search marketing companies.