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Sept. 1, 2005

New all-titanium saliva ejector

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Precision-machined for long-lasting durability and ease of use, ASI’s new line of titanium suction instruments includes a fully autoclavable saliva ejector. The exclusive access valve design virtually eliminates air leaks, yet provides easy pop-out and disassembly of the valve for cleaning. The all-metal construction eliminates lever breakage and overall wear. The titanium finish withstands harsh solutions and disinfectants or irrigants, including sodium hypochlorite (bleach). All suction instruments are fully autoclavable and feature swivel disconnects at base for easy removal. Call ASI Medical, Inc. at (800) 566-9953 for more information.

“Spanish for Dental Professionals”

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This handbook and CD have been designed to help dentists, dental hygienists, and others communicate with Spanish-speaking patients. Intended for novice learners as well as those who need to polish their Spanish, Paso a Paso can be used in emergency situations or as a source of phrases to make routine visits more comfortable. It focuses on learning, practicing, and speaking both standard and colloquial Spanish for an office setting.

The CD presents dialogues in which Latino patients interact with health professionals. Like the book, the CD will be useful in workshops, work-site training, and individual learning. Its structure permits work-site training of an hour a day for six weeks.

Spanish for Dental Professionals is available at bookstores or directly from the University of New Mexico Press. To order, call (800) 249-7737 or visit

Kids comply with the new FIREFLY®

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The biggest challenge with kids’ oral care habits is the rush to brush. Two minutes is the recommended time for proper brushing, but kids often give their teeth a few ineffective scrubs, spit, and that’s it. The FIREFLY by DR. FRESH® is inspiring kids to brush longer with a bright and sparkly children’s toothbrush that lights up and flashes for one minute.

Backed by extensive research and development, the soft-bristle toothbrush contains an LCD light that flashes for 60 seconds when pressed at the base. Separate, one-minute cycles ensure that kids get into the pattern of one minute on each arch. The FIREFLY is a “steal” at $0.98, with more than 1,500 dentists offering it in their practices.

For more information, call Bliss Ellis or Megan Brown at (323) 650-2201 or e-mail [email protected].

Free CD featuring Cathy Jameson

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CareCredit® is offering a new educational audio CD titled, “The Psychology of Winning Financial Communications,” featuring Cathy Jameson, Ph.D., president and CEO of Jameson Management, Inc. Dr. Jameson is a highly respected consultant and author who has been a featured speaker at major dental meetings including the ADA and the World Dental Congress. In her audio program, she discusses the psychology of money, how it affects the doctor, team, patients, and fee presentation. With her extensive hands-on experience, she provides insight into effective communications that help optimize treatment acceptance by understanding and appealing to patients’ true motivators - as well as how to avoid the three most dreaded words from patients.

For more information, call CareCredit at (800) 300-3046, ext. 4519 (new enrollment), or (800) 839-9078 (if already enrolled).

Oral-B raises the bar with Triumph

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Oral-B launches Oral-B Triumph, the world’s most technologically advanced toothbrush. Triumph is the most advanced version of Oral-B’s successful ProfessionalCare Series, clinically proven to remove significantly more plaque than ProfessionalCare 8000. Triumph’s brush head features MicroPulse bristles that pivot independently to clean hard-to-reach areas, helping to remove 90 percent of plaque from approximal areas. In addition, Triumph’s PowerPolisher brush head leverages Oral-B’s oscillating-rotating head technology to provide superior polishing and whitening. An on-board computer in the brush handle provides feedback to encourage patient compliance, and a digital display tracks brushing time and delivers positive reinforcement after two minutes of brushing. It also recognizes each user’s brush head, allowing it to track usage and alert the user when it’s time to change specific brush heads to ensure optimal cleaning for each family member.

Oral-B Triumph is available to dental professionals for trial and dispensing. The Professional Trial offer is $34.95. It can be purchased at a special professional price of $69.95 for dispensing.

For more information, call your local sales rep, call Oral-B at (800) 44-ORALB, or visit

New Clorox® Germicidal Spray and Wipes

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The Harry J. Bosworth Company introduces a new disinfectant spray and wipes to its infection control product line. Clorox Germicidal Spray with Bleach sets a new standard for disinfectants in that it combines expanded kill claims with shorter contact kill time, making it a leader among targeted competitive sprays. Kill claims expand to 32 microorganisms, killing most bacteria in 30 seconds and most viruses in one minute. Microorganisms include tuberculosis (30 seconds), HIV (30 seconds), hepatitis B (one minute), and E. coli (30 seconds). The spray penetrates to destroy mold, mildew, and bacteria at its source and is ideal for nonfood-contact surfaces including dental countertops, operatory surfaces, chairs, and light lens covers.

The new premoistened Clorox Germicidal Wipes also combine expanded kill claims with shorter contact kill times, making it a leader among targeted competitive wipes. Kill claims expand to 27 microorganisms, killing most bacteria in 30 seconds and most viruses in one minute. Microorganisms include tuberculosis (two minutes soil; 30 seconds no soil), HIV (30 seconds), hepatitis B (one minute), E. coli (30 seconds), and influenza (one minute).

For more details, contact the Bosworth Company at (800) 323-4352.

New Eezee-Grip sensor holder

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Digital X-rays are a “snap” with the Eezee-Grip digital sensor holder from RINN. Here is a new way to save time on digital radiographs. The Eezee-Grip is a revolutionary instrument designed to accurately position just about any digital sensor quickly and easily. Simply insert the sensor, squeeze, and you’re ready to go. Its patented flexible grips maximize patient comfort during anterior and posterior radiographs, including the 3rd molar region. Universal design accommodates most popular sensor brands. Eezee-Grip is steam autoclavable for patient protection. Stock number 55-0293; one per package.

For more information, call RINN at (800) 323-0970.

A new generation of ultrasonic chemicals

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Mydent International introduces DEFEND® ultrasonic chemical solutions, the newest generation of cleaners. DEFEND ultrasonic chemicals are among the newest cleaners that are aggressive, yet safe to use. They are available in a General Purpose Cleaner, a Plaster and Stone Remover, a Tartar and Stain Remover, and a Temporary Cement Remover. Each container has been color-coded to aid in preventing mistakes. The solutions are sold four gallons to a case.

For more information, call (800) 275-0020, or visit

New folding-handle dinosaur travel toothbrush

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Plak Smacker introduces a folding-handle dinosaur travel toothbrush designed for children. Available in a variety of bright colors, each brush contains soft, highly polished, end-rounded bristles made from DuPont Tynex® Nylon. The folding handle feature makes the brush compact in size, perfect for travel and everyday use. Children will enjoy the oversized dinosaur handle, which offers better grip and improved brushing control.

For more information or to order, call (800) 558-6684 or visit

Henry Schein Quick Wipes

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Henry Schein’s new Quick Wipes use a nonallergenic cleansing solution to sanitize without the need for soap or water. The durable, premoistened towelette allows skin to dry in seconds as it cleanses and moisturizes. Each Quick Wipe is saturated in an aloe, lanolin, and alcohol formula to gently cleanse and leave the skin with a refreshing scent. The 9 inch x 5 ½ inch soft towelettes are available in 150-piece easy dispensing containers. The conveniently packaged re-sealable container allows the Quick Wipes to retain the cleaning liquid, and is ideal for use in the office, home, or car.

For additional information or to order, call Sullivan-Schein Dental at (800) 372-4346 or visit

Crosstex introduces SaniCleen tablets

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SaniCleen UC (Ultrasonic Cleaner) is nontoxic, and more effective than effervescent or enzymatic solutions. Dissolve tablet in warm water to activate anionic compounds and solvents which instantly burst blood molecules and clean adherent soil. Unlike enzymes, SaniCleen remains effective for a full day without being “used up,” leaves no residue, is not affected by water pH, temperatures, or load. SaniCleen EV (for evacuation system) is nonfoaming to protect vacuum motors, but rapidly dissolves adherent build-up in suction lines. It is biodegradable, antibacterial, and does not leach silver out of amalgam. SaniCleen TS (Tartar and Stain Remover) removes calculus, tobacco and food stains in 5 to 10 minutes from bridges, dentures, appliances, and orthodontic instruments. SaniCleen tablets save storage space, time, and money.

To order, call your dental dealer. For more information, call (888) CROSSTEX or visit

Oral-B Pulsar redefines the manual toothbrush

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Building upon its brand equity as an innovator, Oral-B develops the new Pulsar, a first-of-its-kind product that redefines the manual toothbrush. Pulsar features MicroPulse bristles that pivot and pulse to penetrate deep interproximally and clean along the gingiva. The soft, flexible, rubberized bristles and innovative split brush head adjust to the contours of teeth for gentle brushing. The soothing pulsing action helps manual brushers achieve a noticeable clean they can feel, making patients want to brush longer. Oral-B Pulsar is clinically proven to remove significantly more plaque than both the leading manual brush and battery toothbrushes, and uses technologies protected by more than 15 patents. The pulsing action lasts three months, encouraging regular brush replacement.

Oral-B Pulsar is available now to consumers in North America in food, drug, mass, and retail stores for a suggested retail price of $5.99.

For more information, call your local sales rep, call Oral-B at (800) 44-ORALB, or visit

Ansell’s latest educational module

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Ansell Healthcare announces the availability of a new self-study educational module for health care professionals. “Understanding the Hazards of Glove Powder” addresses staff, patient, and health care economic issues relative to the wide range of adverse reactions associated with glove powder. The self-study module, which is available at no charge, has been developed for use by professionals who are responsible for or involved in hand barrier-protection activities, including educating personnel, establishing organizational policies and procedures, maintaining regulatory compliance, and managing employee health and infection-control services.

For more information, call Ansell Healthcare Education Services at (800) 952-9916 ext. 7277, or visit

Tronex® disposable SMS scrub suit

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Tronex Healthcare Industries presents its meticulously crafted, disposable, fluid-resistant SMS scrub suit from ISO 9001 certified factories. The scrub shirt’s V-neck design allows quick and easy donning; the pants offer a wide leg cut and drawstring waist for a loose and relaxed fit. Both feature precision stitching with the high tensile strength and breathability of three-ply SMS material for effective barrier protection against fluids. Convenient pockets are on the left chest and right rear hip. It is available in sizes S, M, L, and XL, in medium blue color.

For more information, call (800) 833-1181 or e-mail [email protected].

New patient dental guides from Smart Practice

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Patients will appreciate your concern when you hand out personalized dental care guides. The Preventive Dental Care Wheel (right) features a variety of topics from proper tooth brushing technique to child oral health, to oral cancer screening - all in a handy slide wheel. The Dental Emergency Slide Guide (left) helps patients handle a toothache, chipped tooth, jaw injury, or other dental emergency. Both dental guides can be personalized to keep your name and important information at your patients’ fingertips.

See your 2005 SmartPractice Patient Communication and Practice Building Resource catalog, or call for a sample at (800) 522-0800.

New PRO•PORTION® ultrasonic solutions

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Sultan Chemists introduces a new, more convenient package design for its PRO•PORTION ultrasonic cleaning solutions. It features easy open and pour packets, stronger foil packs to prevent leaking, and three super-concentrated formulations - PRO•PORTION General Purpose solution quickly removes blood, tissue, oxides, plaster, pumice, soil, rouges, and buffing compounds from dental instruments and appliances; Enzymatic solution uses a natural dual enzymatic reaction to attack and break down the protein soils such as blood tissue and mucous, and it can be used as a pre-soak; Tartar and Stain Remover cleans stubborn stains from dentures, crowns, and bridges.

For more details, call (800) 637-8582, or visit

New chart form C-303R for perio recommendations

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This inexpensive, detailed, easy-to-use, and well-organized form is designed to provide a “data collection” format for patients needing periodontal treatment. It can be used by general practitioners and specialists, and follows current thinking on documentation of a treatment plan for each tooth. Six pocket depths per tooth may be recorded in the boxes, with bone heights indicated on the tooth graphics. (Complete documentation is possible by combining this form with the C-103R Comprehensive Periodontal Examination.) Innovations include the segment for listing Present/Missing, Pathology, and Recommended Treatment details and, instead of having to write treatment plans in the margins or pencilled in around the teeth, an ample section is provided for this documentation. The Initial Periodontal Data Base and Recommendations C-303R may be used with any chart or along with other forms from the First Encounter™ system.

The cost is $15 for 200 forms. Quantity discounts are available. The form may be viewed on, or call Stepping Stones to Success at (800) 548-2164 for more information.

CareCredit® support in Spanish

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As part of its ongoing commitment to provide materials to practices that enable patients to get the dentistry they need through enhanced communication, CareCredit is providing a variety of materials, including patient brochures, presentation charts, and applications in Spanish. For many patients, these materials will make it easier to understand how they can accept recommended treatment and make low monthly payments with a No Interest or Low Interest monthly payment plan. In addition to the in-practice materials, CareCredit also is providing 23/7 bi-lingual customer support and communication, including patient statements for those patients who indicate a preference for Spanish.

Enrolled practices can request materials by calling (800) 859-9975 or via CareCredit’s online resource center ( Practices interested in enrolling in the CareCredit program can get started by calling (800) 300-3046, ext. 4519.

New practice marketing service

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Dental Health Products, Inc. (DHPI), now offers marketing services for dental practices. DHPI has started this service to help its customers - dental professionals - build their practices. Services are geared toward both new dental practices that are trying to attract patients, and existing practices to promote additional services to existing patients. DHPI’s marketing services uses industry knowledge and creativity to create a unique marketing plan for each dental practice.

DHPI merchandise purchases earn marketing rebate credits. Over time, dentists can receive their marketing plans and services for free. Services include logo and stationery design, customer referral programs, news releases, lead links, newspaper ads, and customized mail campaigns, to name a few. For more information, visit

Digital X-ray tray

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The new Wingers digital X-ray organizing tray will help keep your clinic tidy. The efficient design includes 13 custom-sized pockets for holding all the Wingers digital products for easy access. The crystal-clear plastic allows easy visual identification of all items, and the closeable top is removable so the tray can be stored open in a drawer if desired.

The box measures 12.75 x 8.50 x 2.25 inches deep. The box will be offered alone as well as a component in the Wingers Starter Kit, and is available from your dental dealer. For more information, call Steri-Shield Products at (800) 699-7220 or visit