Adper™ Single Bond Plus Adhesive named a top nanotech product Adper™ Single Bond Plus Adhesive Recognized as a Top Nanotech Product

March 29, 2005
Advanced nanofiller technology, which leads to better bonding performance, recognized by Forbes/Wolfe Nanotech Report Product Guide.

3M ESPE's Adper™ Single Bond Plus Adhesive recently was named a Top Ten nanotechnology product in the third annual Forbes/Wolfe Nanotech Report Product Guide, a monthly newsletter with industry analysis and investment information related to the business of nanotechnology.

Adper Single Bond Plus adhesive's nanofiller technology contributes to its high dentin bond strength and clinically proven performance. The adhesive was recognized by the publication as a new option in total-etch dental adhesives.

"3M ESPE is dedicated to bringing the latest product technology into the dental office, and has incorporated advanced nanofiller technology into a number of 3M ESPE products to improve performance and ease of use," states Kevin Reilly, marketing supervisor, 3M ESPE. "We're pleased Adper Single Bond Plus adhesive has been recognized for its innovation and performance."

By incorporating a silica nanofiller technology, Adper Single Bond Plus adhesive provides a stable, dispersed, filled adhesive that prevents particle settling. Nanofiller particles are added in a manner that does not allow them to cluster together. Therefore, the particles are stable and will not settle out of dispersion. So, unlike some filled adhesives, Adper Single Bond Plus adhesive does not require shaking prior to use and dentists can be confident the adhesive is perfectly mixed every time.

Adper Single Bond Plus adhesive offers excellent bonding performance with low post-operative sensitivity. It is ideal for use in all direct, light-cured bonding procedures; indirect bonding procedures when combined with 3M™ ESPE™ RelyX™ ARC Adhesive Resin Cement; root surface desensitization; porcelain and composite repair; and bonding veneers in combination with RelyX™ Veneer Cement from 3M ESPE.

In addition to the convenient "pinch & flip" bottle delivery, Adper Single Bond Plus adhesive now is available in a unit dose delivery option for fast and easy dispensing. The unique design is self-contained � holding the adhesive and brush-tip applicator so there is no need for measuring, mixing or cleanup. The unit dose system also offers hygienic dispensing as it is completely disposable.