Companies partner to provide kit for digital dental photography

June 27, 2006
Patterson Dental Supply and Dental Learning Centers team up to offer comprehensive, high-tech equipment solution.

ST. PAUL, Minnesota-- Patterson Dental Supply, Inc. and Dental Learning Centers have partnered to supply dental offices with a complete digital photography solution-- the Canon DentalFoto Digital Camera Kit.

The Canon DentalFoto Digital Camera Kit is optimized through custom programming and a proprietary lens extension manufactured by DLC to assist dentists in achieving accurate and professional photos that are ideal for patient case photos.

Precise and lightweight, the Canon PowerShot A620 camera offers 7.1 megapixels, weighs slightly more than 12 ounces and features a 4X optical zoom.

The complete kit includes the Canon PowerShot A620 camera, proprietary lens extension, close-up lens set, lens cap, two sets of rechargeable batteries and a trickle battery charger. The kit also includes three Secure Digital memory cards, a card reader/writer, custom aluminum carrying case and dental photography manual.

"As advancements in digital photography continue, it is important for dentists and their staff to be equipped with this powerful, easy-to-use tool for educating and caring for their patients," states Patterson Technology Marketing Manager Anne Mansfield.

"The DentalFoto Digital Camera Kit offers a simple solution for dental offices, allowing them to purchase an integrated dental photography system with one easy step."

For more information about Patterson Dental or the DentalFoto Digital Camera Kit, call (800) 873-7683 or contact a local Patterson technology representative.