Unique dispenser simplifies delivery of cement

Jan. 10, 2007
3M ESPE extends award-winning Clicker Dispenser to RelyX Unicem Self-Adhesive Universal Resin Cement.

ST. PAUL, Minnesota--Eliminate the hassle of extra steps and wasted time.

Opt for the award-winning Clicker Dispenser from 3M ESPE, now available with clinically proven RelyX Unicem Self-Adhesive Universal Resin Cement. RelyX Unicem cement in the Clicker dispenser eliminates the need for pre-treatment etching, priming and bonding, while ensuring accurate, pre-measured dosage for a simplified procedure and reliable, high quality performance.

Proven to reduce the incidence of post-operative sensitivity compared to traditional resin cements, RelyX Unicem cement is strong, adhesive, esthetic and easy to use for virtually all indications, excluding veneers.

The convenient Clicker dispenser assures dispensing of pastes in consistent ratios and allows the choice of dispensed volume with no waste through mixing tips. The two pastes of RelyX Unicem cement in the Clicker dispenser are easy and fast to mix and require no additional hardware such as mixers, activators, appliers or mixing tips.

"The versatility and ease of use of RelyX Unicem cement differentiate it from other permanent cements," said Neal Shah, marketing manager, 3M ESPE. "It can easily serve as the only product you need for virtually every cementation procedure, eliminating the need to stock multiple cements. With the expanded use of the Clicker dispenser, the entire cementation process is further simplified."

The material properties of RelyX Unicem cement in the Clicker dispenser share similar standards of excellence with the clinically proven Aplicap™ and Maxicap™ Capsule versions of RelyX Unicem cement from 3M ESPE, showing excellent adhesion, high physical strength, low linear expansion and excellent marginal integrity.

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