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Tuesday Tip from Pride Institute: Facebook for dentists; what’s the point?

July 21, 2015
All dentists have heard about the value of social media for their practices. But really, what's the point of using Facebook. Today's tip explains how to approach Facebook so that it really will benefit your practice.

Setting up a Facebook page has become standard practice for dentists these days. The most widely used of all the social networking sites, Facebook can be a terrific marketing tool. While many see it as a way to attract new patients, it can actually help boost relationships with your existing patient base.

When executed well, a dental practice Facebook page is a terrific vehicle for meaningful patient interaction. Just like person-to-person communication, social media interactions need to be a two-way street, meaning that it’s not enough to simply create a page and post only once in a while. The real purpose of social media is to engage in a conversation with your patients online. To maximize the effectiveness of Facebook, dentists need to shift the focus from one-way communication tactics to a two-way engagement strategy.

So, how can dentists create an engaging Facebook presence?
1. Ask for Likes – This is just the cursory first step, yet many dentists stop here. Make your patients aware that the practice’s Facebook page exists by putting a sign at the front desk, linking to the page from the practice website, and adding “Like Us on Facebook” with a link to the page on all outgoing practice emails. Verbally reminding them about your business page in the course of everyday conversation is a good idea too!
2. Encourage check-ins and shares – Once patients have “Liked” your page, remind them at every visit to check in to the practice page. Patients can share the content you post on your page. Check-ins and shares boost Facebook engagement since they appear not only on the patient’s own Facebook page and your business page, but are subsequently broadcast in the newsfeeds of the patient’s friends, thus exponentially increasing visibility for your practice.
3. Use visual content – People click on photos and videos more than any other type of content in a social media setting. That means that photos and videos are incredibly engaging and serve to showcase the more personal side of the dental practice. Encourage patients to include photos of themselves visiting the practice or in the dental chair when they check your page. With the proper written releases, dental practices can also post photos on Facebook of the dental team and patients at local community events or upload videos from around the practice.
4. Create interactive posts – Facebook allows businesses to run contests and promotions on their pages, and these types of posts are great ways to boost patient interaction. For example, Valentine’s Day is a perfect opportunity for dentists to run a themed promotion or contest. Just remember to follow Facebook’s guidelines to be sure that your contest runs as smoothly and successfully as possible.
5. Reciprocate – We’ve discussed how to make your Facebook page more engaging, but true engagement is not one-sided. Above all else, social media should be a conversation. Like content on your patients’ profiles, share their posts and comment on their pages regularly in order to fully maintain thoughtful interactions.

Remember: Focusing on Facebook engagement will help create an online community that will aid in strengthening patient relationships both online and offline.

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