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Oct. 27, 2005 offers larger pool of potentially qualified job candidates. is an established and nationally recognized 'niche' job site dedicated to the employment needs of the medical and healthcare industries. A virtual one stop job shop, linking employers and recruiters with qualified job seekers.

Employers and recruiters find our pricing to be very competitive and designed to provide excellent value. All job ads include access to our resume database. Interested job candidates will respond directly to you.

The internet is an extremely powerful and effective job advertising tool. In contrast with other conventional types of advertising, the internet offers users much broader reach. Results are delivered faster, and at less expense, than most traditional advertising methods. Today, many employers and recruiters consider 'on-line' job advertising an integral part of their hiring and recruiting process.

While advertising with 'general' job boards can, at times, generate alot of traffic from job seekers, all too often the results can be quite time consuming, with a disappointing number of actual 'qualified' job candidates.

The marketing and advertising of industry specific 'niche' job sites is highly targeted toward the professionals of the specific industry it serves, attracting a significantly increased number of 'qualified' job candidates, having the experience and specialized skills necessary to get the job done.

Today, a well-rounded job advertising campaign might include your local newspaper (Let's face it . . . there are still alot of highly qualified professionals out there that either don't have access to a computer at home, or don't use the internet to search for jobs), an ad on a good 'niche' job site ( and possibly an ad on a reputable general job site (;;, etc).

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'Single' job ads remain posted for up to 90-days and may include access to our resume database for 30-days.

All job ads purchased as part of a 'Bonus Ad Pack' remain posted until your position(s) is(are) filled, or 6 months, whichever occurs first and includes access to our resume database for 60-days.

You will have access to edit, replace, close or remove your jobs ads simply by logging into your customer account. Your account screen will reflect the number of ads you have posted and any job ads that you may still have available to post.

Unless otherwise specified, there is no time limit for using your job ads.

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