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7 ways for your dental practice to do better on Facebook

March 14, 2016
Facebook pages can be valuable tools for dental practices. Here's what dentists and their teams can do to get the most mileage out of their Facebook presence.

How do you get the most value out of your practice’s Facebook page? More importantly, how do you create a valuable Facebook experience for patients and potential patients?

Think of your Facebook page as an extension of your practice. You want to create a warm and welcoming online presence, a place that patients and potential patients feel comfortable visiting.

Here are seven strategies for improving your Facebook page:

1. Make it about them—Give patients and potential patients a reason to come to your page. Provide information they will find valuable, such as oral health education, brushing and flossing tips, and good nutrition recommendations.

2. Be consistent—Whether you post once a day or several times a week, what matters is that you have an active and consistent presence.

3. Keep it brief—People are busy, and there are a lot of things vying for their attention. Try to be succinct. Don’t post long articles or blogs, but link to them instead. If patients like what they see, they’ll click to read more.

4. Show, don’t tell—Use photos and other graphics. These grab people’s attention, especially on the Internet.

5. Get personal—Let patients see what’s behind the DDS. If you paint watercolors or like science fiction movies or follow a sports team, share that information occasionally with your patients. Encourage your staff to do the same about their hobbies and interests. Of course, you don’t want to turn your practice Facebook page into a Star Wars fan site. But sprinkling in the occasional post about your life outside the practice gives your Facebook page some flavor.

6. Respond—If your patients and potential patients are going to take the time to post comments and ask questions, your designated social media person should respond in a timely manner. If the person doesn’t know the answer, he or she should get the correct information from you or the office manager.

7. Make it about your practice, once in awhile—If you have an open appointment at lunchtime this week or are running a special on whitening, let your patients know. After all, they’re following your practice. But avoid going overboard with too many “buy this, do this” posts. Remember, social media, as the name suggests, is supposed to be social. It’s about having a conversation, not always giving a sales pitch.


Facebook is an excellent tool for strengthening relationships with current patients and introducing your practice to new patients. Following these seven tips will improve your practice’s Facebook presence.

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