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Can you help create thought leadership in dental marketing? Yes, you can

Nov. 9, 2016
Dentists do not need to settle for standard marketing techniques. The internet offers opportunities for them to develop themselves as thought leaders in their profession. Here's how to do it.

A thought leader is someone who gives direction to conversations, encourages ideas, and influences perceptions.

The internet provides an excellent opportunity for dentists to go beyond the usual blogging or column writing and establish themselves as thought leaders in their field. A thought leader is someone who gives direction to conversations, encourages ideas, and influences perceptions. As a thought leader, dentists can actually build their opinions rather than merely sharing those of other experts.

When others turn toward someone in areas where new knowledge is emerging, it indicates that their voice carries weight as a thought leader. Thought leadership will not only help you promote your content to a wider audience, but it will also help create your personal brand in the field of dentistry. To become a thought leader, you need certain attributes that distinguish you from others.

Look for original story items
Thought leadership will not occur if you publish run-of-the-mill content as everyone else on your website and social media. To achieve greater traction for your content, develop a knack for seeing a story where others do not. This will happen if you're passionate about your profession, and if you stay abreast of the latest developments in dentistry. Look at news from an original perspective and address the unanswered issues from that news. This is when your peers will begin to see your informed views more keenly.

Tell the story in a captivating manner
Once you know you have a fresh and compelling viewpoint to share, package it in an interesting manner that captivates your audiences. This will happen when you combine your original content with a unique storytelling ability that connects with your audiences. When possible, use captivating images, videos, or infographics to enhance the visual impact. A serious topic does not necessarily have to be boring. You can liven it up with real-life examples, quotes, and anecdotes.

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Be authentic and build creditworthiness
An essential prerequisite to becoming a thought leader is to build a high trust quotient. Trust can be built over a period of time when you enjoy the loyalty of your patients and command a strong online reputation. Make sure that whatever content you deliver is authentic, original, accurate, and relevant. Verify your facts, cite recognized sources, and consider all aspects before presenting your original point of view on an issue.

Sometimes your views might be controversial, but if your intent is honest and the betterment of your patients is at the heart of your efforts, you will win trust. Reputation cannot be built overnight. You need to take time to consistently produce high quality content, conduct research, and stay committed to helping potential patients improve their quality of life through your thoughts and ideas. When you demonstrate this commitment consistently, people will pay attention to your content.

Proactive social engagement
The power of social media cannot be ignored. Prominent social networks can be used creatively to promote your content and develop social engagement with your target audiences. A compelling message can set off a chain reaction of social communication and reach a strong audience, including others who will also promote your content. However, success through social media will not happen quickly; it requires a consistent process.

Develop a distinctive identity
To establish yourself as a thought leader, you need to focus on developing a unique online personality and identity through your content. Recycling information that is already available through other sources will not help you build a distinctive identity. This will be achieved only when you consciously build on your strengths and knowledge and focus your writing in the area of your specialization.

Your goal must be to build such a consistent body of online content that people will identify your personality with the content. Be natural, original, and committed to your profession through your content writing. It will not only help you build a strong personal brand identity, it will ultimately result in more patients in your dental practice.

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