PracticeMoJo to offer dental a la carte services

March 20, 2013
Company to offer dental Facebook Pro and automated phone reminders.

PHOENIX, Arizona--PracticeMojo has an automated recall platform that allows dental offices to automatically contact, reactivate, schedule, and confirm appointments for lapsed and inactive patients.

PracticeMojo also allows customers other services designed to bolster their dental marketing plan. In addition to the Solo Plan, the Partnered Plan, and the Managed Plan, customers can subscribe to the Facebook Pro Solution and automated phone reminders individually.

“It was important for us to grant customers access to these services independent of a complete dental marketing plan,” said Rose Norred, PracticeMojo product manager.

"Many offices already have very detailed and organized dental marketing plans in place. These are the key add-on services meant to help bolster any dental marketing plan and increase the ROI of traditional marketing methods."

The PracticeMojo Dental Facebook Pro solution not only includes Custom Timeline Design, Promotions, Appointment Requests, and Reviews, it also offers daily Kickstart idea emails to give a practice daily Facebook post ideas designed to increase “likes,” patient interaction, and patient referrals.

Automated phone reminders provide reminder notifications needed to help reduce no-shows and help keep schedules full. Dental offices can complement an existing contact strategy to reach patients with appointment reminder phone calls that feature a natural voice to create the warmth of a personal phone call.

Reminders include patient names and appointment-specific details to deliver a professional and personalized message. Plus, caller ID match helps ensure an office phone number and location are displayed to improve response rate.

Tina Strickler, director of business development said: “Breaking out some of our most popular features and allowing offices to take advantage of them without subscribing to a full dental marketing plan is exactly the service many established practices need. We’re very happy that we can provide that for them and help them meet goals for patient retention, revenue, and practice growth.”

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