The role of mobile marketing is to attract more patients

March 8, 2013
The percentage of Americans who own mobile devices is continuing to grow exponentially. Dr. Ginger Bratzel explains how dental teams can seize the marketing opportunities that mobile devices present to bring in more new patients to their dental practices.

Recent statistics from the CTIA (International Association of Wireless Telecommunication Industry) shows 101% of Americans own mobile devices currently. That number continues to grow exponentially quarterly.

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There are more Internet connections going to mobile devices now than to desktop computers.

But most businesses only recognize and use mobile devices simply as phones when they really create other opportunities to help attract more patients.

Here are a few ways you can be more mobile savvy:

  1. Mobile marketing is so much more than an appointment reminder service. Mobile is attracting new patients in an interactive way to provide them the information they need to choose your office.
  2. Never be a text spammer. Do not send a text message to someone unless they requested you do so or they contacted you first via text. This is a very personal form of communication and if you abuse it, you lose the patient and the relationship.
  3. Create dedicated mobile squeeze pages that are tied to your marketing piece to direct mobile users to. If you send them to your main website (even though it might be “mobile enabled”), it provides more information than the prospect is looking for. I always tell my clients “he who emphasizes it all, says nothing.” Mobile squeeze pages are not Flash video or graphics heavy so they load quickly. And they are also mini pages with just the necessary information so the reader doesn’t have to scroll down to find what they are looking for. Everything is summarized to fit on one screen.
  4. Add mobile as a multiple means of contacting you. Some people will still prefer to call your office or visit your website, but an increasing number are doing 100% of their communication directly from their mobile device. They want it to be convenient for them to get information, take advantage of offers, and of course, schedule an appointment from their mobile device. And with a system, this entire process can be automated so that it is customized for patients and the team can be freed up to focus on patient care.

Mobile marketing is no longer optional in today’s society. The earlier implementers who establish their presence first are the ones who capture their areas.

Author bio
Ginger Bratzel, DDS, is a dentist, coach, and award-winning copywriter and marketer. She received her dental degree from the University of Colorado Health Science Center and practiced in New Mexico where she developed systems and strategies to increase patient attraction. She created her proprietary system, New Patient Attraction Automation™, a proven step-by-step program that shows dentists exactly how to attract more of the right kind of patients, as well as the Mobile Marketing For Dentists Program. Dr. Bratzel is known for her no-holds-barred and shooting-straight-from-the-hip approach to practice growth and patient attraction. You may contact her by email at [email protected].