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1-800-DENTIST launches new TV campaign

Aug. 6, 2013
Campaign aims to reach more patients.
LOS ANGELES, California--1-800-DENTIST, a dental marketing company, has launched a new series of TV commercials as part of an annual $50 million consumer advertising campaign.
The 30-second spots (and shorter 15-second lifts) address the top reasons consumers have difficulty finding a dentist, and tries to motivate them to call 1-800-DENTIST instead of exploring other options. The new commercials are part of an aggressive expansion of 1-800-DENTIST’s consumer advertising campaign, and the latest example of the company’s increasing investment to provide member dentists with new patient leads. While the company reaches approximately six million consumers annually, this new advertising campaign is designed to increase that number by expanding awareness into new markets. “Our goals have always been to motivate consumers to make dental health a priority and to keep our member dentists’ schedules full,” said Michael Turner, CEO of 1-800-DENTIST. “These commercials make a fun but convincing argument that 1-800-DENTIST really is a smarter way to find a dentist. Unlike their friends on Facebook, we match people to dentists by schedule, location, specialties, and insurance plans. No individual or company works as hard we do to make sure consumers find the right dentist.” The new commercials began airing Aug. 5, 2013, and continue the “Useless” TV campaign 1-800-DENTIST first launched in 2011. The commercials are the work of Secret Weapon Marketing, a creative agency that has created iconic TV commercials for major brands. This is a continued relationship from the 2011 campaign. “As more and more people turn to various online sources such as social media and review sites in their search for a dentist, they are finding that these new sources really don’t make the process of finding a dentist any easier. That’s where we come in,” said Turner. “1-800-DENTIST has over 25 years of experience of successfully matching patients and dentists. These commercials are designed to build brand awareness and drive new consumers to 1-800-DENTST and subsequently our member dentists.” In addition to the flagship new patient leads program, 1-800-DENTIST offers a suite of online marketing tools that help grow the practice. The company also features a library of dental marketing content, including free whitepapers and on-demand webinars. For more information, call (877) 906-9704 or visit 1800dentist.com/dentalmarketing. To comment on this topic, go to http://community.pennwelldentalgroup.com.