How to make your dental website worthwhile for patients

Jan. 21, 2013
When patients visit your dental practice’s website, are they motivated to browse your pages for more information? Glenn Lombardi talks about three ways you can enhance your website so that it becomes valuable in the eyes of your patients and they have an appealing reason to return.

When patients visit your dental practice’s website, are they motivated to browse your pages for more information? Or do visitors leave empty-handed without so much as a second thought of returning?

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Your website should not only aim to attract new patients, but it should also offer your existing patients an appealing reason to return again and again. Here are a few ways you can make sure patients find your website valuable to their dental health ...

General information
Save your office and your patients time by including all of the necessary and important patient forms on your website. Patients should have access to download and print any pre- and post-procedure instructions, new patient registration forms, and other helpful brochures or office details that enable the patient to expedite visits and feel more comfortable and informed during appointments.

Patients are naturally interested in learning more about how they can improve their dental health and appearance. Your website can play a key role in disseminating this information before and after regular office appointments. A comprehensive patient library, dental procedure animations, patient testimonial video clips, and a blog are all great ways to keep the content on your website updated, interesting, and beneficial for your patients.

Your site should also be engaging, connecting your patients to your practice and other patients online. Include online contact submission access, buttons to your Facebook and other social media pages, electronic copies of your newsletter, and other interactive features that make it easy for your tech-savvy patients to communicate and stay in touch with your practice on the Web.

Author bio
Glenn Lombardi is president of Officite, LLC, a provider of dental websites and Internet marketing strategies, including social media, search marketing, reputation management, and mobile websites. Officite has built thousands of websites that have generated more than half a million new patient appointment requests since 2002. For more information, visit or call (800) 908-2483.